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For those of you who know the Ens family here's a link to their blog:


There are some cute pictures of the kidlettes and even one of Cindy!

For those of you who don't know the Ens family, they are missionaries in Mexico City and VERY precious to me. I miss them so much it hurts sometimes. (I wish I could go for a visit... Sigh... Good thing I'm such a detailed dreamer. It's like I've actually seen them sometimes... The other day I had a weird one about Paul though... He was a guest on the Dr. Phil show... Long story... We taped it for Dad.)


  1. this is so great, thank you Becky. I think it's funny that our whole family seems to like Dr.Phil. I think he's great, I work all through the day though, so I don't get to watch very often.

  2. I watch him, but actually I think he and Robyn are irritating... Not your Robyn... LOL... SHE'S FABULOUS!

  3. I can't stand that Robyn... I think she's even meaner than Dr. Phil...I agree with most of what Dr. Phil says, but that Robyn, she's just a feminist meanie!

  4. i can't stand dr phil... after being a psychology major for a couple years he just pisses me off... can i say that? can i say he pisses me off? is piss kosher?
    oh shoot.... i don't know... but yeah... i can't stand dr fool

  5. Maybe if you are unsure if "piss" is okay or not you should try saying it a few more times in your comment... Just to be sure.

  6. I don't WATCH him, but do catch parts of the show every now and then, and really don't know why all you people don't like him. I think he uses his show to showcase himself sometimes, but that is the ratings game. A lot of the advice he gives, in my estimation is bang on. He does help a lot of the people, or set them up with the pros that can help. Why do you hate him? Because he is smart, popular, and rich???

  7. I love Dr.Phil and watch him all the time. I don't always agree on his methods and do think him a bit harsh at times but what he says, I think I agree with about 90% of the time just not always the way he says it. I have learned a lot from him. Some of his great comments that I use almost on a daily basis is..'it's not who's right but what's right'. And whenever I get upset about anything and want to rant or go beserk, I try to remind myself of what he always says..'what is the end result that you want and are you going to achieve it this way". Funny...your post wasn't even about Dr. Phil but a dream and look at how we talk about different things in the comments.

  8. My favorite Dr. Phil comment is "how's what you're doing working for you" or "you can only comtrol what inside you own skin". I love Dr. Phil. he has given me loads of advice that has saved my sanity.


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