Happy Birthday Mom!

It's my mom's birthday today. It's also my best friend's birthday... Lucky for me I only have to buy one present because they are the same person.

When anything happens to me the first person, aside from Glen, I want to tell is my mom. When I see something funny on TV I want to tell my mom. When Ben does something new I want to tell my mom. When I go to the doctor's I want to tell my mom all about it. I want to tell my mom when I am ticked off about something. I want to talk to her when I am worried. I want to tell her all about the great things that happen in my life.

The very best part of all of this is that I want to tell her... and she is always ready to listen. (It's a good thing we have bundles.) She's the best friend a person could have and I love her more than I think she really knows.

(Maybe she should get two presents...)


  1. Becky, you are so blessed. To have a mom and bast friend all wropped up in one person. Yes I think she does deserve two presents. Thank you so much for posting a picture of her. I haven't seen any of you for over 2 years now and pictures mean so much. When you talk to her tell her "Happy Birthday" from me. And tell your dad to do something great for her. She has been a wonderful wife to him and a great mother to his children for many years. John, if you read this, let your wife know what a brave thing she has done for 30+ years sticking it out with an old bullfrog like you. *grin* I love you both.

  2. yeah mom rocks.

    i was gonna post on my blog but it won't be as good as yours. so i'm not going to. i just called her.

  3. Happy Birthday to Auntie Chris!! Mom's really are the best thing in the world.

  4. Say hi to your Mom,and an extremely big "Happy Birthday!...........oh yeah, and say hi to your Dad too :o)

  5. You know, I cant be all that bad. She kept me for this long. At some point down that road we travelled I must have done a few nice things or she would have given me the boot. But you are right Becky. She is a good woman and probably deserves better than me, but, way back when, when things were still warm and fuzzy I set my trap and...SNAP...I had her.

  6. John, you bugger. You go on blogger and comment on others, but don't post on your own. I think Chris should give you the boot now ya bum! :)

  7. Goodness... I haven't seen your mom forever... It's nice to have a mom and a best friend. Wish her Happy Belated Birthday from me, too!! Or maybe I'll post it on her blog, since the link is on Melanie's blog... Boy howdy, too many blogs... ACK!!


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