Mmmmeal memories...

So Mel's little game got me thinking of a post Ang and I were going to write a while ago but never got around to...

You know how sometimes some meals just stand out in your mind? The food you ate was the best thing you ever tasted in your whole like? For some reason you can remember every detail of the meal including what you were wearing? Maybe you don't know. Maybe Ang and I are freaks, but here are some of my fondest meal memories...

Left Over Lobster:
Where? Screen Kitchen, Emerald Lake Campsite
What I Wore? No shoes. Purple swimsuit with a zipper down the front, a classic.
Who Else Was There? Mom, Dad, Johnny, Mikey, Ang.
What I Could Hear? Alannah Myles was singing Black Velvet on the radio.
Meal Summary: Ahhhh... My first taste of lobster... Mom and Dad had a friend from the maritimes who brought it for them, they had some leftover and shared it with all of us. We ate it cold. So stinkin' good.

Where? Some random Bonanza on the way to Michigan.
What I Wore? I don't remember.
Who Else Was There? Saskatoon Lions Marching Band, including Ang, but she definitely wasn't sitting with me. I was WAY to cool for her.
What I Could Hear? Screaming, laughing, talking.
Meal Summary: I still remember that spaghetti. Even after all the Bonanzas we stopped at on that trip I can only remember that one meal and it is because of the spaghetti. I ate like four plates of it... I can still picture who was sitting with me and where. I know for a fact Marie and Camille were across from me because I can picture them eating the AWESOME spaghetti and then posing for pictures with their mouths open to display the chewed food. Too bad we didn't take one of me cause then we'd know what I was wearing. (It was probably black dress pants and a white t-shirt with a Lions Band crest though, now that I think about it...)

Ruffles All Dressed Chips, Sour Cream, and Pepsi:
Where? Shuswaps Lake, Houseboat, Driver's Seat.
What I Wore? Pale green lingerie.
What I Could Hear? Rankin's Family cassette tape playing over the boat sound system, a whole bunch of other houseboaters (weirdos) on the CB radio asking who was going to the store to get beer and smokes, Glen snoring.
Meal Summary: Okay, maybe most people wouldn't consider this a meal but you didn't see how many chips I ate. I was driving the houseboat to the floating store for bread, sitting on a red plastic cooler with a pillow on top, and enjoying the view. Glen was sleeping on the couch beside me. The sun was shining and I don't remember ever feeling happier or more completely satisfied with my life and the world around me. Those were some fabulous chips! (I'm sure it was the chips and not just newlywedded bliss...)

Dominoes Pepperoni Pizza:
Where? Public Zoo in Mexico City
What I wore? Green pants and a white v-neck t-shirt. My hair was french braided into two braids and I had on white canvas sneakers.
Who Else Was There? Glen, Kirsten, Micah, Eliisha and Paul.
What I Could Hear? Elephants.
Meal Summary: That was easily the best pizza I ever ate, I'm not sure why, but it came with hot sauce... Mmmm... Afterwards I had a popsicle which I had to eat super fast because we weren't allowed to take out of the food court area. I got a brain freeze.

Burger, Fries, and Pepsi:
Where? The Beach in Acapulco
What I Wore? Blue one-piece swimsuit and green sarong... No shoes, which was a bad choice.
Who Else Was There? Kirsten
What I Could Hear? Waves crashing, Kirsten laughing... Sigh... I wish I could time travel.
Meal Summary: That was totally the most expensive burger and fries I ever ate. We shared it and the meal still cost around $15.00 Canadian... but MAN! After eating Mexican Food for two weeks it was SO good! PLUS the fries were freshly cut and burning hot... Just like our feet which were on fire from walking across the sand to get to the restaurant.

Noodles (Kielke?), Cream Gravy, Farmer Sausage:
Where? 129 Tupper Avenue, Yorkton
What I Wore? I don't know. It was probably sweaty and dirty though.
Who Else Was There? Glen, Mom, and Dad.
What I Could Hear? Nothing. Just Chewing. We were too tired to talk.
Meal Summary: I owe this one to Mavis actually. She made me an icecream pail full of noodles which we cooked up as our first meal in our new home. We had FINALLY finished moving our bumb landlord out (we even had to pack up some of his stuff for him) and us in, and we cooked up Mavis' noodles and some cream gravy and it was SO GOOD! I'm not sure if those were the best noodles ever because we were so tired and hungry or if maybe Mavis is just a noodle making genius but I'm leaning towards the latter...

Giant Burrito:
Where? Mall Food Court, Salt Lake City
What I Wore? Khaki capris, brown leather sandals, red California Breakaway t-shirt.
Who Else Was There? Heather Epp, Lisa Giesbrecht, Mom.
What I Could Hear? I don't remember... The enormous goodness of the giant burrito was too overwhelming...
Meal Summary: Mom and I did this crazy trip to California with a busload or four of youth... We had a quick stop in Salt Lake City so the buses could get gas and empty the toilets so we got dropped off at... Where else? A mall. Another ding danged mall... I think we must have been inside at least 10 different malls on that trip... Anywho... While the buses got emptied my tummy got filled with the biggest burrito I've ever seen. Seriously. It was the size of a stinkin' football. Oh man, it was so good. That mall was FREAKY though. There are a lot of weirdos in Salt Lake City... Afterwards we walked across the street and listened to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing in a Good Friday service.

There you have it. Stink. Now I'm hungry.


  1. lol

    holy smokes.

    i'm not sure if i will be able to have as much detail but i will try.

  2. I could go on... There was this one time at Moxie's... Bev Funk, Angie Kasper... Lot's of flirting with the waiter, and the best sizzler plate I ever ate...

  3. that is insane...i don't think i could recall ONE meal with such detail. man, and i thought i had a passion for food.

  4. Melissa, You just reminded me of that pumpkin loaf you make... Mmmmm. I think I need to call you for the recipe, or you could just post it on your blog for me...

  5. I wonder if maybe the pregnancy is starting to get to me... ?

  6. This is awesome... Much better than mine. Everyone's first taste of lobster is an experience to remember.

  7. first taste of the Keg in Saskatoon, I was wearing a knee length denim skirt and a tan shirt with matching tan sandals. i had just got the sandals and they were giving me blisters which really sucked because Trevor and I went out walking after supper. BUT it was one of the best days of my life because as we were walking, Trevor proposed. Didn't like the lobster much!

  8. Wow... I don't think I could remember anything in that amount of detail.. but hey, I surprise myself sometimes... Crap, now I'M hungry...

  9. I remember eating lobster, but not to the extent that I remember what I was wearing, and what surroundings there were, other than the restaurant I was eating in.

  10. Wow...sounds like I neeed to hop on board and try some lobster.
    Becky, Camry and I are coming through Yorkton next week, monday or tuesday. We'd like to come and visit you but can't get ahold of you, thought I'd give this a try.
    Let me know at


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