Party Time!

And You're Invited!

Since Melissa and Jonathan and Noah are all by themselves for Noah's very first birthday, Melissa thought it would be nice to show everybody his birthday party! February 14th is Noah's birthday and he's going to have spaghetti and cake and presents. You can watch him eat his spaghetti and cake and open his presents because Melissa is going to broadcast his birthday on the internet! If you want to go just click on at 6:00 tomorrow night. (That's Winnipeg time, which is the same as Saskatchewan time.)

Melissa did a test run tonite and it worked great! I watched Noah throw a ball and do some dancing. He's so cute! I can hardly wait for the big party! (Especially the spaghetti part!)

***If you go to the party you will get signed in under a guest name - please take a minute to change your display name so they will know who's there and they don't block you.***

P.S. Melissa has her own blog now too! If you're interested it's:


  1. Awww... Happy Birthday Noah!! I would go to the "party" but I'll be busy...


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