Somebody shouldn't leave their site open

So I came downstairs and low and behold here the computer was on and opened to this site. I think I owe her one. Anyways, it is really cold here. This is more than just hating winter, or the fact that we have had a really mild winter. This morning it was -23, the coldest temp this winter so far, but the with the wind chill it was -40, and it stayed there all day. I pretty much stayed in my office and did paper work all day. There was no way I was going out in it. Tonight it is supposed to go down to -31. Maybe I'll clean my office tomorrow. All I know is I am not going out in it. Tonight I got to play with Ben while everybody watched survivor. Finally something to do while that dumb show was on. I wouldn't mind it if it was all just competition's, but when they film them whining and talking about each other the show does a fast slide into the toilet for me. So, me and Ben played cars, choo-choo, then I stuck some plastic balls under his shirt, he thought that was just hilarious and had to go show everybody. Being a grandpa sure is a blast. That's it from here, I am afraid Becky is going to come down and see me doing this and I won't get to post this. I also have to go plug in my car before I forget. For those of you in sunny bc, that means I will plug my car into an electrical outlet, thereby sending power to my block heater, and keeping the water in the engine somewhat warm so it will start in the morning. Don't any of you tell me how nice it is there, not interested.


  1. LOL. Stinkin' payback. Tastes like chicken.

  2. Serves you right for leaving your blog open to be tampered with, Beckster. lmao

  3. I cannot believe that you spent so much time insulting Survivor. shame.. shame.. shame. Obviously you cannot understand the real trials and issues that those people go through .. the real tests... the turmoil and anguish they experience. Yes.. you go play trains. We people who 'get it' will continue to watch.

  4. John I do feel sorry for you. We watched the news the other night and the windchill in Regina and Saskatoon was about -46. Oh how I hated that cold. I just remember that the only thing to do was go to the mall but then you had to go to your car after and sit on those hard seats and wait for it to warm up. I used to get so cold I would just hurt everywhere. So I won't say anything about the fact that I have already had coffee on my deck with no jacket. That would just be cruel but I will tell you that we have also had very cold temps here for this time of year as well. I'm sure you have been watching the news. So there you go. We all suffer together. :O)


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