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Glen's Sort

Okay. I'm sorry to keep going on about the "big sort" going on in our house, but this needs to be said. Glen also had a bunch of boxes to sort through. Here is a list of the things he found:

Models, models, and more models. All of them in their original boxes, some of them with their original receipts. The kicker? He played with them, put them together, and then put them neatly away. What kind of kid does that?Legos, legos, and more legos. And guess how they were stored? LOL.High school notes. Do I mean funny notes from friends written about teachers and cute girls? Nope. I mean chemistry notes, history notes, etc. All of them neatly organized and dated. Classic Glenard.Bible School notes. All of them.University notes. We could literally reconstruct Glen's enitre education after elementary school.Grade 12 grad proofs. You really have to see them to believe them. I need to find a scanner and post them. They are frickin' hilarious.A whole bunch of stuff from me and

A Sort Down Memory Lane

On Monday the big melt started. By Monday afternoon our garage was leaking water all over the boxes we have been storing in there. By Monday evening all of the boxes had been transferred to the empty room in our basement. (Which, by the way, was empty because it was all ready to be painted. Which also, by the way, still hasn't been painted because of all the boxes now filling it.)

Anyways... Some of the boxes hadn't been even opened since I was in bible college around 12 years ago, so you can imagine all of the interesting things I found. Or, maybe you can't. In that case I will provide you with a list of some of my favorite finds:

3 pages of paper with a detailed description of our honeymoon. (No, you sickos, not that kind of description.) We had wieners and beans our first night out on the houseboat, and on our 4th day we saw a hummingbird and had to clean up human feces some jerk had left in the spot we were camping.
A letter from Janelle, sent to me at camp. I haven't…

Sighs of the Times

It's weird to know your baby's birthday before he's even born. It'll be on the 18th of April, 21 days from now! I'm not sure if I'm excited it's so close or panicked? There's so much stuff to do around here and so many mixed emotions that I just feel tired...

On one hand... There's this weird feeling that the baby is going to get in the way of mine and Ben's relationship. I know this feeling will go away once I meet him, but right now I feel resentful that Ben won't have me all to himself anymore. PLUS there's the whole leaving him for 3 days to go to the hospital thing and once I do get home I won't even be able to pick my Benjamin up. It breaks my heart that he won't understand why. PLUS how will I take Ben swimming now? We usually go at least once a week and now we won't be able to. Sigh.

On the other hand... I am super excited to meet the new baby and see what he looks like. I love babies so much and I miss nursing and all …


Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles -
Ben learned a brand new trick today!
Opened his mouth and miracle of miracles -
Sucked pop through a straw! Hurray!

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles -
I was afraid he'd never learn,
But, now I see that Ben's a wizz, at drinking fizz,
Rootbeer cured my straw concerns!

When Johnny won Melissa's heart, that was a miracle.
When Ang ate tacos and didn't fart, that was a miracle too!
But of all God's miracles large and small,
The most miraculous one of all
Is that out of my little baby boy,
God has made a man today!

Yes. You heard me right! Today at approximately 5:15 at the A&W in Yorkton Ben FINALLY drank from a straw! I think this development will probably change our lives in ways I can't even imagine yet... The repercussions of this achievement are so far reaching it boggles the mind.

Where's My Shoe?

I'm going a little bit nuts here. I need to get out of this house. Ben is bored and so am I. He wanders around the house saying, "Gonna Goola Ina Caw?" all the time. I would take him somewhere too, only there is no somewhere to go to. We live in Yorkton. There's literally NOTHING to do and NO WHERE to go, other than places where I'd spend money... Sigh.

I've been painting the basement and organizing the hours and hours of digital videos we've taken of Benjamin. It's taking forever. The painting is taking forever because I can only do a little at a time and the videos are taking forever since they have been sitting in jumbled up folders in our computer for around 2 years and I don't know where anything is. I think the monotony of the painting and computering, and the computering and painting is getting to me. Usually I love painting, but this basement is turning into a huge mountain of work and I still can't see the valley on the other side. As …

The Pursuit of Perfection

While I was working at Redberry Bible Camp I used to share my testimony at least once a week... Every Sunday night with the girls in my cabin and a couple of times I shared it at campfire with the entire camp. Of course, the campfire testimony was a much shorter version and I remember carefully deciding which parts I wanted to share and which parts should be skipped over... Anyways, all this is to say, I remember one time I shared my testimony with the camp and I talked about my need to be perfect...

You see, I'd been saved for a while. I asked Jesus into my heart at Torch Trail when I was around 12. He came into it, in a big way, but I wasn't living for God by high school. I wasn't even living for myself really. That's the thing about living. It's so easy to drift through your days without ever really choosing what you want your life to look like. Who do you really want your friends to be? What would you really like your relationship with your family to look like? …


I really should write a new post...

Saying Goodbye

I am standing beside a grave and 42 colored balloons are floating up into the soft blue sky. As they float away I think of Mavis as a little girl, I imagine all of the funny things she said and did when she was Ben's age. The bright colors against the sky are such a perfect expression of who Mavis was. I picture Mavis at camp, singing songs in chapel and helping me clean the washrooms, not because she had to, but because we just liked being together... Laughing. She could take the dullest chore and bring color to it. There's a balloon for every year of Mavis' life rising up above us and each of those years holds different memories for all of us standing there with tears in our eyes. As the balloons are caught up by the cold winter wind and quickly pulled far away from me I imagine Mavis where she is right now... Laughing with her dad and happier than she's ever been. I can barely make out any of the balloons now. I can't reach them anymore, or even see them, but I …

It's not easy being green?

I have too much on my mind right now. You know when you have so much on your mind that it all just jumbles together and you can't sort out what you really think about anything? That's how I feel right now, everything is all jumbled. The silly stuff is getting jumbled with the serious stuff. The things I should be thinking about keep getting pushed to the side while I think about the things that I just need to let go of... So tonite I took some time to look at mindless junk to take my mind off of all of the things on my mind. Here's what I found:

You Are Kermit

Hi, ho! Lovable and friendly, you get along well with everyone you know.
You're a big thinker, and sometimes you over think life's problems.
Don't worry - everyone know's it's not easy being green.
Just remember, time's fun when you're having flies!

The Muppet Personality Test
I figure if I have nothing on my mind for a while maybe some of the stuff on my mind will work itself out on its own. It&…