Glen's Sort

Okay. I'm sorry to keep going on about the "big sort" going on in our house, but this needs to be said. Glen also had a bunch of boxes to sort through. Here is a list of the things he found:

  • Models, models, and more models. All of them in their original boxes, some of them with their original receipts. The kicker? He played with them, put them together, and then put them neatly away. What kind of kid does that?
  • Legos, legos, and more legos. And guess how they were stored? LOL.
  • High school notes. Do I mean funny notes from friends written about teachers and cute girls? Nope. I mean chemistry notes, history notes, etc. All of them neatly organized and dated. Classic Glenard.
  • Bible School notes. All of them.
  • University notes. We could literally reconstruct Glen's enitre education after elementary school.
  • Grade 12 grad proofs. You really have to see them to believe them. I need to find a scanner and post them. They are frickin' hilarious.
  • A whole bunch of stuff from me and tons of other girls. The thing about the Glen of the past is that most of his best friends were girls so there are tons of letters and cards and doo dads from girls other than me! What a player.
  • Star Trek badge, communicator thingy. Only Glen... and maybe Scotty D.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture. The funniest thing to me is how all of it was already all organized and how most of it came boxed like he got it from the store yesterday. If you know me and my family you know that an original box would last only long enough to be opened and then thrown away. I think maybe Glen and I are from totally different planets... No wait. Different galaxies...


  1. As the saying are from mars, women are from venus...or is that the other way around? Either way, we don't come from the same planet.
    Glen reminds me of another little boy I hear about all the time. I even read his blog :)

  2. glen is cool tho... at least i think so... glen... i think you're cool... come over and play lotr risk again... it needs to happen

  3. What I find amazing is that with all this sorting you still find time to post about all your finds. You know, Becky, you could luck out and have 2 mini Glens and have the most organized kids on the planet. You would never have to say what almost every parent says. "If you don't take care of your stuff I'm going to give it to someone who will."
    You must have had fun going through all those boxes.

  4. So here's something a little frightening. Every time Becky posts a quiz or something, I get the same results...never fails. And when I read this blog to my husband, his response was this,"What's so wierd about that? I have all my school notes saved also. He also has a fascinating pennant collection (those felt triangle thingys) from places he's visited as a boy and a vintage Lord of the Rings calendar, dated something like 1979. We could probably sell it on e-bay for a whole lot. He's very organized...I hope all my kids are just like him.

  5. Wow... that's one thing that Kyle and I have in common... we're both very unorganized... I can be if I want to, and when I DO organize, it's very precise, but I just don't LIKE organizing... I have the potential, but I don't put in the effort...

    I think I have all of my notes from German class in high school.. and maybe some science ones, but they aren't organized... Once Kyle and I get our own place, I can finally go through my 10 Rubbermaid containers (the huge ones!) or stuff I have stashed in Auntie Margaret's garage... That should be exciting.. I hope nothing's moldy or something... eww..

  6. It's kind of like Christmas when you open boxes that have been around for a while.

    But before openeing them you think " If I haven't missed it so far, then it likely isn't worth saving" ofcourse that is until you open it, and can't choose what to keep, or think "Hey, that is where that went. I have been looking for it for years!"

  7. Tye wants to know what you want for the Star Trek badge thingy. LOL ... no. Seriously. How much?

  8. I do beleve the Star Trek badge thingy would be considered priceless, or at least, WAY out of Tyler's price range. Sorry Tyler... Although, I'd sell it for the price of a new deck, or at least a railing for the old one. Maybe we can make a deal?


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