Saying Goodbye

I am standing beside a grave and 42 colored balloons are floating up into the soft blue sky. As they float away I think of Mavis as a little girl, I imagine all of the funny things she said and did when she was Ben's age. The bright colors against the sky are such a perfect expression of who Mavis was. I picture Mavis at camp, singing songs in chapel and helping me clean the washrooms, not because she had to, but because we just liked being together... Laughing. She could take the dullest chore and bring color to it. There's a balloon for every year of Mavis' life rising up above us and each of those years holds different memories for all of us standing there with tears in our eyes. As the balloons are caught up by the cold winter wind and quickly pulled far away from me I imagine Mavis where she is right now... Laughing with her dad and happier than she's ever been. I can barely make out any of the balloons now. I can't reach them anymore, or even see them, but I know they are there floating over the quiet snow covered fields...

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