A Sort Down Memory Lane

On Monday the big melt started. By Monday afternoon our garage was leaking water all over the boxes we have been storing in there. By Monday evening all of the boxes had been transferred to the empty room in our basement. (Which, by the way, was empty because it was all ready to be painted. Which also, by the way, still hasn't been painted because of all the boxes now filling it.)

Anyways... Some of the boxes hadn't been even opened since I was in bible college around 12 years ago, so you can imagine all of the interesting things I found. Or, maybe you can't. In that case I will provide you with a list of some of my favorite finds:

  • 3 pages of paper with a detailed description of our honeymoon. (No, you sickos, not that kind of description.) We had wieners and beans our first night out on the houseboat, and on our 4th day we saw a hummingbird and had to clean up human feces some jerk had left in the spot we were camping.

  • A letter from Janelle, sent to me at camp. I haven't seen or talked to her in years and years, but just in the last little while we've reconnected through our blogs.

  • Kurt Browning's signature. I also have the signatures of Shae-Lynn Borne and Victor Kraatz and some other skaters who I don't really care about. Ang and I stalked them after waiting outside of a Stars On Ice performance forever. When their bus pulled right by all of us fans waiting for autographs I thought Ang might cry... So I did the only thing a big sister can do. I decided that wasn't how it was going to end and told Ang to get in the car. (Mom and Dad's brown station wagon.) Then I followed the bus to the hotel where they were staying and we were waiting when they got off. See? Stalking does pay off and don't ever let your mother tell you otherwise!

  • A box of letters and keepsakes from my high school boyfriend. Why do I hold onto stuff like this? Cause it's funny, and I figure I can show it to my kids when they decide that their high school relationship is crucial to their lifelong happiness.

  • A bunch of notes from Camille Dicken. One of them is particularly funny as it urges me to break up with the afore-mentioned boyfriend in between complaining about her geo-trig homework.

  • Quizzes and worksheets from our pre-marital counseling. That's some hilarious stuff in there. Glen and I are going to look at some of it together and redo some of the quizzes now that we are so much older and wiser.

  • A pink "papier mache" mask. This little beauty was created in grade nine art class by my friend Sheila Friesen and I. We had to papier mache each other's faces and then we each painted our own masks. If I'm not mistaken Sheila made hers look like one of the members of KISS. (I love saying "papier mache", pronounced pap-ee-ay mash-ay, because it reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George breaks up with this woman who wears chopsticks in her hair by telling her it's not her it's him... But then he finally admits it is her... And she's got Jerry's tax papers...)

  • Jeremy and Krissy's wedding invitation, among others...

  • A Church bulletin dated: May 12, 1996... among others...

  • A Dominoes Pizza coupon, expiry date: January 16th, 2000. I wonder if it's too late to get the second pizza for half price deal?

  • My peach satin grad shoes. I still have the lovely peach satin dress that goes with it. I wish I could lose enough weight to try it on, it's so fabulous, and I think anyone who saw me in it would agree that I was fabulous in it.

  • Entry tickets to Zona Arqueologica De Teotihuacan and a map to the Zoologico De Chapultepec. I'm guessing those would be the Pyramid of the Sun site and the Mexico City Zoo. I also found scads of pictures and letters written by Kirsten and her adorable brother Micah and a receipt for the rental of a beach umbrella and two chairs in Acapulco.

  • Heather Epp's resume on disc, and Randy Krahn's resume all printed out on nice paper. I have no idea why I have these, (especially Randy's) but I'm trying to think of a way to make use of them...

  • A wooden tile with the number 2 on it. Ahhhh, the memories. At Redberry Bible Camp we lined up for every meal outside the dining hall and when the whole cabin arrived you took a tile with the next available number on it. Sometimes this process got slightly violent if two cabins arrived at approximately the same time. Then you were supposed to hand it in as you went inside. Only, sometimes I forgot to hand my tile in. This one I just forgot for a loooong time.

  • A ceramic mug with a smurf on it and etched into the bottom: "Kerri 84". This one puzzled me for a bit till I remembered grade 4 art class and the mysterious mug mix-up of '84.

  • Numerous letters, cards, and doo dads given to me by Glen before and after we started dating. One of my favorite things I found was a letter written by Glen to me while I was living in Regina. It starts out, "My dearest fair Rebekah", and goes on in that vein for quite a while. The kicker? We weren't dating and wouldn't be dating for a good four years. That guy. If only he knew what he was doing to my poor heart. Why are men so oblivious? I remember reading that letter over and over with my friend Ang Kasper and listening to her tell me he had to be madly in love with me to write me something like that. Sadly, she was mistaken, as she often was in matters of my love life and I would have to wait a long time before he wrote something like that and what I read was what he actually meant.

Ahhhh the memories. See Mom? (Like she's actually reading this...) See Ang? There's a reason to keep boxes and boxes of junk! Actually, there's no good reason for it. I managed to get 14 boxes down to one with all of my sorting. If you think this list is boring you should see the list of all the weird and useless crap that I threw out. Seriously. The pile our poor garbage men had to clear away took up approximately the same square footage as our kitchen, and there's still a pretty big pile of garbage down here. I'm clean sweeping. It's the pregnancy nesting thing that enables me to do this, otherwise I'm sure I couldn't restrict myself to one box of stuff. As it is, that one box has all of the really important crap from my life that somehow manages to hold some of my very fondest memories. (And some of my very cringe worthiest memories too... Case in point: The box of ex-boyfriend Jeff junk.)


  1. oh my goodness - i would LOVE to know what i all said in that letter - that would be freakin' hilarious!! we did have some great times though! & i'm soooo lucky to be able to be following your life now!! yipee!
    i also just threw out some Kurt Browning signatures, along with every Saskatoon Blade ever to touch the ice surface at SaskPlace. can we say loser?

  2. All I can say is it's a good thing you found this all while you are pregnant. Who could say what you would do with all these "collectables."

  3. Kurt Browning? The only signature I have is from Fred Penner... but that's okay, he was cool, and when he dies, there's going to be someone on e-bay who wants it... No one else believes me, but you never know... Or maybe I'll keep it forever... Sad thing is I only got this signature a few years ago...

    Goodness, that must have been interesting going through all that stuff... I have a papier mache frog I made in grade 5, and my creative writing book from grade 2 somewhere... I love looking at those things...

  4. At times it's nice to see stuff from your past. It brings back the memories. With some other things, it usually time to let them go.

    I kept a pic of the Gr 12 pic of one of my boyfriends for years. Then when I found it, I thought' What the heck did I hang on to this for?"


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