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You asked for it. More baby pictures! Introducing the Samuel John Willems slide show...

Let's start with a picture of the proud father -- what a strapping young lad! (Hey, if I'm the one blogging I get to brag a little, don't I?)

Alright, alright. Here's what you want to see:

So. What did Samuel's day consist of? Well, he did some sleeping ...

And some peeking out at the world ...

Let's recap. Sleeping ...

And peeking out at the world.

All in all, a very productive day for a one-day old. And what's Benjamin been up to all this time? Well ...

'Nuff said.

If all goes well, the doctors should release Becky and Sam tomorrow around noon. After that, Becky will no doubt promptly change her blog password so I can't screw up her site anymore. (Shamefully, I must issue a correction of the previous blog: Samuel weighs 7 (not 8) pounds and 15 ounces. You will note this oversight has since been corrected.)

And so to my adoring public, I now issue a fond farewell. Adieu!


  1. What a beautiful little boy. You are truly blessed to have two perfect sons. Did my brother cry when you told him Sam's second name was John? I bet he did. I've never seen a grandpa so in love with his "boys".
    Congratulations Glen and Becky!

  2. Hey Glen! Its really nice to hear your perspective on this whole event! And thanks for posting pictures! You two make beautiful babies, and I suggest you make about 8 more!
    Congratulations! We can't wait to meet him!
    Donna and the kids

  3. So Glen, who are you referring to as the "strapping young lad" - you or Sam? Just wondering. :)

  4. Great Post Glen. You also do an amazing job. What a little cutie and I love the name.

  5. Hooray, more pictures!! And yes, I'm sure you can brag a bit... *grin*

    He's adorable, his little hose, and ears and his fuzzy hair!! Another beautiful addition to your family... Congrats again!! :)

  6. Little hose??? LOL oh.. THAT is a funny spelling error!

  7. That is a classic mistake Carrie. I can't help but comment on that one. LOL!!!!

  8. Aww...gorgeous baby, and a beautiful name. I love the name Samuel, and Benjamin for that matter. Today I'm going to see Carolyn and Connor, and you're all getting me into such a "aww, I want one, honey can we have one?" mood that I don't know what to do anymore. I think I need a nephew. Where in the world is that nephew of mine anyway...Luke is taking his sweet time, in case no one noticed.

  9. Wow, he is very sweet and incredibly cute! (not that I'm surprised at all, that's not what the wow was about...) Wow is for "what an amazing little miracle!"
    Congratulations again.

  10. I love Sam's hair do! Dark with frosted tips! When did they get hair dressers in the hospital?

  11. Oh, crap..

    I thought it was brilliant anyway... I meant to say nose... but I'm sure he has a cute little hose, too... Though I wouldn't know.. Wow...

    Thanks for Skype-ing me about it Mel... that's fabulous... That's what I'm here for...

  12. Ah, yes, the "strapping young lad" paradox... To whom could I be referring to? I'm sure if you use your powers of deductive reasoning you'll discover it's elementary, my dear Shirley! I refer to both of us!

  13. what a gorgeous little guy! and i love the name. you are looking great Becky - and i'm glad that everything is ok!
    congrats guys!

  14. What a cute little baby. It's nice to see the pictures of him. Congrats to you both, and to Ben also.


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