The big D-day/C-day/B-day!

D-day: "In military parlance, D-Day is a term often used to denote the day on which a combat attack or operation is to be initiated." (That about sums it up...)

C-day: In Becky talk, C-day is the term used to designate the day on which she will be sliced open or "c-sected" while her husband stands around completely unsliced and comfortable.

B-day: The day on which a brand new baby boy will be born, thus rendering the above mentioned slicing so worthwhile!

I think I would be more excited if I wasn't so sad about not being only Benjamin's Mommy any more... I've cried three times today already and I'll probably cry some more. Don't get me wrong. I'm more than ready for this baby to get here. I'm ready to hold him. I know all of the reasons why it will be okay, but that doesn't make it any easier to leave Ben at home while I go to the hospital to change his life forever... forever... FOREVER! (Insert dramatic music here.)

The blessed event should occur sometime tomorrow afternoon. It's absolutely fabulous to know in advance! I am loving it. I hate suspense and surprises of any kind so this whole planned c-section thing is working for me. Johnny wants to know if I'm nervous and I have to admit... Not even a little. I just want to get to the good stuff now. I hate waiting around and it's finally over... over... OVER! (More dramatic music.)

Time to go cuddle my little Ben for a while and then try to make myself sleep. This is seriously worse than Christmas. It's a good thing I already know what kind of present I'm getting, or I don't think there'd be any chance I could sleep tonight! I'll talk to you when I get home!

P.S. Stay tuned for pics, etc. posted by Glen.


  1. I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow -- and I'll be thinking about you (and anxiously awaiting pictures, etc!!).

    PS. I know EXACTLY how you feel re: Ben. We thought my water had broken (it hadn't) about 5 days before Luke was actually born and I remember being an emotional wreck on the way to the hospital that (false-alarm) night thinking about Madeline. It's the chnage of life -- so full of excitement and happiness and yet so full sadness because things will never be the same...

  2. Good-luck Becky! Even though I know you won't need it. You'll do absolutely FANTASTIC.

  3. Yes, I have so much to do this time. Let's see... Show up... Lie there... Wait a while... And voila! Baby!

  4. Good Luck Becky!!!

    sending you lots and lots of love!

  5. I can't wait until you get home and have time to post pictures of the new baby. Little Samuel? It brings me back to when I had Jack. I am so excited for you.

  6. Good luck on B/C/D-day!! It'll be exciting, I'm sure... Have fun with the slicing and dicing and baby!!

  7. I have no idea what it's like to have a C-section. Although seeing other have them, it makes me thankful that I had them all naturally.

    Although on the other hand, knowing the day you are going to have your little one is so cool.

    Can't wait to hear of the delivery and pictures of the new family member.

  8. The baby is here and I still don't see any pics posted.........Glen

  9. I just held him and boy oh boy is he ever cute...better get on over here Grandpa John!!

  10. ok, by now you've had the little munchkin! can't wait for pictures, to hear the name & all the details...i also had a c-section...and i know how you feel, but you'll do great!! sending hugs!

  11. I'm staying tuned.... so excited to hear all the details. Congratulations guys!!

  12. Oh, congradulations, Becky and Glen and Ben!! Hope everything went well for you, and your new little one is doing well also... And now, hurry up and give us all the details!! Name, weight, what he looks like, everything!! And pictures would be good, too... *waits patiently*

  13. I'm barely waiting patiently...I want to see! Or hear or anything right now...


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