Christmas Comes Early

Well, God certainly set the stage for our new baby. Here's our house just prior to going to the hospital.

And on this Christmasy day, here is the gift God gave us!

He was born at 1:31pm on April 18. He weighs 7 pounds, 15 ounces and was 21 inches tall. Becky was conscious through the whole birth and I (Glen) even got to witness the actual birth. It was very exciting!

Our little boy (we're still fine tuning his full name) slept most of the day, although we couldn't. It was hard not to want to hold him all day! Even Ben couldn't get enough.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to see my little miracle again!


  1. Congrats to you both!!! Glad to hear that Becky and baby are doing fine and thank you for taking the time to post. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your little guy. love and prayers to you all

  2. I can't believe all of that snow!!! It is like summer over here! Well... spring.
    Congratulations, I'm am so glad that you could BOTH be there for your miracle.
    Becky, you look great!!
    Keeping you all in our prayers.

  3. Hey I thought I was first. You beeat my by 2 minutes aunti mitz. (that's just how i spell aunti...trav!)

  4. congrats you guys... he's perfect

  5. What a beatiful baby!! congratulations to you both and to you Grandma's & Grandpa. Ben looks so proud. I agree, Becky you look positivley radiant. Looking forward to meeting this little guy.
    Love & Prayers
    Auntie Sue

  6. Sorry Amy, you gotta be quick to beat me...yeah!! :)

  7. CONGRATS!!!...
    Becky looks so beautiful!..
    thank you for sharing with pictures!
    CONGRATS again!
    lots and lots of LOVE to ALL of you!

  8. Congratulations on your new addition to the family. You all look wonderful, and await to hear the baby's name.

    How wonderful Glen go to be there for it.

  9. Yeah! He's exactly the size that Kiana was when she was born...and he looks so big! We missed the big tummy shots Becky! He's adorable and Ben looks like he's going to be a great big brother for him. We're so happy for you all! Thanks for the pictures. Love you guys!

  10. Yes congratulations! I'm glad everything went well and I hope you will all get adjusted to the new addition quickly and easily.

    By the way, something for your baby book:
    Two celebrities also gave birth on the 18th.
    Brooke Shields to daugther Grier
    Katie Holmes to daughter Suri

    (Don't know if you care, but just in case...)

  11. Those two celebrety babies can't hold a candle to our new babies. Connor and Samuel?? are both gorgeous. Congratulations Becky and Glen! Yes, John. Congratultions to you and Chris, too. You now have 3 grandsons. Do you think maybe Johnny and Melissa will provide you with a grand-daughter sometime soon?

  12. Congratulations Becky, Glen, and Mr. Ben!! We're so excited for you. I'm going to make Robyn stare at that picture of you with the baby until she goes into labor. Maybe she'll get the, um, picture, as it were.

  13. You just continue to do me proud Becky and Glen, and what a great name. I am sure he will grow up to be someone great and wonderful, besides being my grandson. Ben already looks kind of possesive, like don't touch him, he's mine. What a great family you have.

  14. Congrats on the birth. :D I'm excited that it went well!!!! Can't wait to see him in person. :D

  15. Aww, look at all of his hair!! Thanks Glen so much for the pictures... I think you look beautiful and so happy, Becky!! And Ben looks like a proud big brother...

    Congradulations to you guys!!


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