Emotionally Unbalanced

Postpartum hormones are kinda fun in a way. The other day I was talking with Mom and Ang about whether Sam looks like Ben or not. I think he does look a bit like Ben and Mom and Ang disagreed. I started crying. I couldn't stop myself. It was so funny.

Yesterday I had to wait for almost 20 minutes to get a prescription and when the clerk told me the pharmacist wanted to talk to me I cried.

Today Sam's belly button looked a little funny so the health nurse came and took a look at it. She cleaned it a tad rougher than I have been and the stump kinda flipped up. This was so unexpected and freaked me out so badly that I immediately started crying. I even cried telling Glen about how I cried when the health nurse came.

I'm pretty sure I would cry if I ran out of orange juice.

I have to admit I'm kind of enjoying unpredictable nature of my emotions right now. I say unpredictable because it's not like I cry all day. I am mostly feeling fabulous and not even a little sad, but every now and then something will happen and suddenly I have tears running down my face. I think it's fun. "When will Becky cry next?" It amuses me anyways. I'm pretty sure I'm driving my poor mom and Glen a little crazy though. That's okay. Everyone deserves to go a little crazy now and then. Especially new moms.


  1. i think we should start a "when will becky cry next pool"... it could be kinda fun... right beck???

  2. Is it scary that I can relate to you and I didn't just have a baby? Hmmmmm.

  3. I think Robyn is hitting those baby blues a bit too. She cried when they took Lukes blood today. Now that is understandable even without the baby blues but even Luke didn't cry. Only she did. Here we go!!!

  4. if it makes you feel any better, I think Sam looks a little like Ben!

  5. I'm still prone to moments of crying, although it has gotten a lot better. lol

  6. We've all decided that Sam doesn't look like Ben as a baby, but we totally think he looks like the Ben we see now.
    As for baby blues, I do know what you mean, and I've never had a baby, just a stupid doctor who switched my birth control right before the wedding, to a terrible kind. We counted once, in the first 6 months of our marriage, I cried about 45 times a month. At least once a day, and very often twice. I wasn't usually sad, quite the opposite, but everything made me cry. Peter handing me a pair of socks in the morning, making me eggs, kissing my cheek...Anything set me off, and usually happy things more than sad.
    I finally stormed into my doctors office, and told him how much I was in tears, and said I felt so sorry for poor Peter I could die, and he switched me again. Aparently I was on one of the highest hormone pills you could get in Canada. All is well now, I usually only cry about twice a week now...lol

  7. That's funny... I just managed to convince Mom that Sam looks very much like Benjamin as a baby by showing her some pictures of Ben at the same age...

  8. we looked at a baby picture of Robyn today, and Luke looks exactly like her, down to a birthmark, and a little crease on the bridge of his nose. He's just a little more tanned, but other than that, you can't tell them apart at all. Mom's going to post them side by side on her blog. It's uncanny.

  9. Aww... I think little Sam looks like Ben... but for me, that's just based on pictures... I don't know if I could stand crying all the time... but, if you have an excuse... :)


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