Hot Cha Cha

K. This post may be totally inappropriate, but that's too bad. Sometimes I'm inappropriate. (Mostly when I'm with Ang actually, you can ask anyone.)

The other night Ang and I were talking about Grey's Anatomy and we got on the topic of the hottest scenes we've ever seen on film. Here are my top four "Oh Man That's So Hot, Glen Let's Go to Bed Early Tonight" moments in no particular order. (Sorry Dad.)

Grey's Anatomy: When Christina and Dr. Burke have their first kiss... Oh man. The way he just grabs her out of nowhere PLUS the fact that he's just so beautiful without his shirt... Hot.

The Saint: After Simon, Val Kilmer, gets drenched in an ice cold river he and whoever the girl was... Elisabeth Shue? ... End up in this secret room in an apartment and she uses her body heat to warm him up cause he's all hypothermic. That is one good scene.

Princess Bride: At the very beginning of the movie Westly fetches a pitcher for Buttercup and says, "As you wish" while giving her this look... Oh man, steamy.

Superman: In the first Superman movie there is this scene where Lex Luther puts a chain with Kryptonite around Superman's neck and pushes him into a pool to drown. Lex's secretary Miss Tessmacher comes along and pulls him out of the pool, but before she takes off the Kryptonite necklace she kisses him. I don't know why I think having a Superhero at your mercy is hot, but I do.

I tag Ang, cause she's really the driving force behind my inappropriate side. Show me what you got hussy.


  1. oh my goodness! i love The Saint - one of my fav all time movies - and that scene...yep, that's a, hot, hot!

  2. I can't believe that as a pastor's wife I am getting in on this, but that just shows you my true colors... I am a steamy romantic at heart!

    I loved the scene in At First Sight with a blind Val Kilmer when he gives the chick (Mira Sorvino?!) a full massage (he did it for a living), and it was so intense that she cried. THAT was very steamy. sigh.

    And who can forget The Last of the Mohicans when they were standing by the waterfall and Daniel Day-Lewis told his woman to "stay alive" and he would find her. And that kiss...that was quite a kiss.

    Now I have a hankering to watch some old favorites. Like I don't have enough to do...thanks Becky!!

  3. i have been tagged. i am saving it for when i'm in dorkton this weekend and everyone is sleeping in except me. usually the mornings at becky and glens involve me creeping around quietly and staring in at them from the halway to see if they will notice me. this weekend i intend to write my dirtly little post. be prepared.

  4. I hate when she does that. It's so irritating to be stared at from your doorway while you are trying to get just a few more minutes of sleep before your toddler wakes up. It is even more irritating when you are nine months pregnant. It makes me want to throw something at her. Tomorrow I'm gonna go out and get some rocks and sticks and put them in a pail by my bed.



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