Just call me McGrumpy

Some Things That Are Ticking Me Off:

  • Taxes. Every year I make a mistake on my first attempt and every year when I redo my work it ends up that I get less than my first try led me to believe. Why, oh why can't it ever end up that I get more than I first expected? It's such a let down. Also, every year I get to see all my student loan tax credits go to waste because even though Glen is paying my student loans and the interest that goes with it, he can't claim it as a tax credit. He can only claim what he pays for his loans, and since I don't make any money, my credits are wasted. And I have lots. LOTS.
  • Painting. People who know me will be surprised by this because I usually love to paint. However, this basement job has been nothing but one frustration after another. Hor instance, today I found out that my second coat is a totally different color than the first coat because the first coat was a tinted can of "deep base" and the second coat was a tinted can of "white" paint. Crappin' crapper crap crap. I was hoping to get away with not doing a second coat around the edges and now I have to because the edges are a completely different color. And this is stucco people. Do you know how hard it is to edge around a ceiling when the walls are stucco? It's hard.
  • Yorkton. Yorkton Walmart in particular. The paint section of Yorkton Walmart in particularly particular particularness. I don't know what the hoink is going on down there, but for some reason every time (like once every other day for the past two weeks) I go to pick up something they are out of it. How can Walmart run out of primer? And more importantly... How can they run out of primer, promise to call me when it gets in, and then when I go down there for paint (which they are out of) and find the primer they never called me about how can they say something as dumb as "Don't ask me! I just work here!" Are you kidding me? That's exactly why I should ask you, you stinkin' Yorkton maniac. Because you work there! Argh. Arrrrrrgh!
  • Yorkton. Yorkton Canadian Tire in particular. Since I can't get paint at stoinkin' Walmart I have to pay extra and get it at Crappy Tire. This wouldn't bug me so much except for the fact that I can't get it there either. They're closed for inventory. Of course, this would never happen in Saskatoon, because stores in sensible places like Saskatoon do their inventory at night when the store is regularly closed. Yorkton likes to make all those tiny little daily chores just a bit more difficult for the fun of it.
  • Yorkton. Yorkton Public Swimming Pool in particular. Every other pool I've ever been to allows parents to ride with their children down a waterslide. So, of course, Yorkton's fancy new pool has strict rules forbidding parents to ride with their children. The reason? Safety. Apparently here in Yorkton it's safer for kids to plunge helter skelter down a flooded slide all by themselves than it is for them to slowly ride to the bottom on their parents laps. It must have something to do with our repulsive hard water.
  • The taste in your mouth you get from eating boiled hotdogs for supper every time you burp for the rest of the evening.
  • Survivor. Every season I start watching and hope that for once good will triumph over evil and every season I have to watch as week after week the only people who seem to survive are the idiots and the jerks. (Don't bother reminding me of the Rob and Amber season right now, I'm ranting.) Eventually, I even come to despise the nice people because they can't get their acts together until it is too late and they're doomed, and by that time I'm happy to see them go because they have made me mad by making one stupid decision after another. You may ask: Why don't you just stop watching it you nut job? Because I have to find out what happens, that's why. I can't explain why I need to know, but I do. I wish I was like Ang and I could just stop watching once all the hot guys are gone, but I can't stop watching.
    1. That's all for now. I should probably go to bed before I think of something else to make me even madder.


      1. Survivor filled me with rage last night too. As did American Idol. Every time I say "That's it...I am not watching this EVER AGAIN." And then the next week comes...

        p.s. That's alot of rage brewing...that can't be good for the baby. Maybe you should put your feet up and think happy thoughts for a while! :)

      2. There are only a few shows worth spending the time in front of the tv. Corner gas, 24, hockey night in canada, football, curling...almost any sports broadcast and reruns of Mash. Oh and don't forget the fishing shows, love the fishing shows. Other than some news just to keep me informed and ranting, the rest is a waste of air time.

      3. Uhhh... I believe you left out the Router Workshop? How could you Dad? Anyone who's anyone watches the Router Workshop.

      4. Oh, taxes... don't remind me... I'm glad I only have my one T4 to worry about... YAY!! Sounds like to need to get out of Yorkton, Becky!! Once you have your baby and he's big enough to travel... You know, Parksville's pretty nice around that time of year... And I hate most TV shows... wow, has the reality TV thing ever gone too far... I don't mind a little bit, but seriously every 9 out of 10 shows are reality TV... That's why you gotta love Corner Gas...

      5. I know exactly how you feel. I cannot BELIEVE the stuff that is allowed to go on, simply because one lives in a dumpy little town, and has no options. What are you going to say, "WalMart, I've had it, I'm taking my business to... oh wait...yeah, call me when the primer comes in, or I'll walk in every day and check myself. Sorry to bug you, I know you 'just work here'" ?!? I have wanted to find other options than Hastings (movie rental, bookstore, video game rental and sales) over and over, and when I ask to talk to a supervisor, get a "no". Unfreakingbelievable.

      6. I totally agree on Corner Gas, although I for the most part just watch it by the season. I have not gotten into shows that you have to be home every week to watch.


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