Let's just clarify...

Okay people, apparently my sense of humor is either too lame or too advanced for most of you. (Incuding, apparently, Glen himself.) Since I still have people talking to me about hearing Ben say Mummy for the first time, I think you need to know that not only can he say Mummy, but he's been able to say it since he was around seven months old. (I checked his baby journal just to make sure I'm not lying.) He's almost two for crying out loud! It would be pretty scary if he couldn't say a little word like Mummy... Especially since he says things like, "I'm coming to see you," and "Put it in there," and "There's trees out there," on a consistent basis.

Another common misconception related to the previous post has been that Benjamin wanders around here wanting Glen all day and I was wishing he'd say Mummy once in a while instead of Dada. Not true. While he does inquire "Dada? Where'd he go?" every now and then, he says Mummy often enough to satisfy me, and frankly, I probably miss Glen more than Ben does.

So, anyways, on to the explanation of what I really meant... Let's start this off with a picture of Glen and the hair that I believe was the driving force behind this dippy debacle...

For a while now one of Benjamin's favorite things has been to carry around pictures of Glen and me while frequently shouting out, "Mummy! Dada!" For some reason, even if we are right beside him, it is very exciting to have a portable version of us that he can hold in his hands. So, the other day when he wandered up to me saying "Dada, Dada!" I assumed he had found yet another picture of Glen and was bringing it to me. (At the time I was still putting away all of the stuff I had sorted and he had been very keen on making a nuisance of himself by un-putting-away all of my neatly organized treasures.) To my amusement, instead of the predicted picture of Glen, he had brought me a picture of Hugh Grant staring in Notting Hill. Apparently, Benjamin couldn't tell the difference between the two of them. Sadly, instead of rejoicing with Benjamin over being aquainted with a movie star, my mind immediately jumped to jealousy mode. Why couldn't I look enough like Julia Roberts that Ben would be tricked into thinking it was me smiling at him from the Notting Hill VHS? Why, oh why, couldn't he have said "Mummy?"

And... Just so you know... I phoned Ang and had her preview the post and she got my joke right away... I thought everyone would get it.


  1. Just goes to show that you and Ang function on a whole other level than the rest of us.


  2. It's very hard to read sarcasm on a blog. And all of us seem to be a very sarcastic "bunch of jackals" LOL

  3. I totally got it... weird. Maybe it's because of the "famous looking husband" bit...

  4. Hm... I got it, but I also read all the comments... So, who knows if I would have been the first one to read it...

    I also think that maybe none of us understand because we aren't very familiar with Glen... Honestly, I think I've met Glen twice, once at your wedding, and maybe one other time... And it was so briefly (and distant, as at your wedding), that it's hard to connect that... I don't think your sense of humor is lame... I think you're on a level of your own... *grin*

  5. I have always thought Glen looks like Hugh Grant. I got it right away.

  6. and I, just like Benjamin, knew that the other person on the cover had to be you, because Glen was with someone and if Mummy was there, the other person had to be Dada. Elementary, my dear Watson.


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