Yard Work

We've finally managed to get the inside of our house so nice that the outside seems crappy in comparison. So this week we, and by we I mean everyone but me, since I had major surgery less than 2 weeks ago, finally got around to removing the death traps in our backyard, and by death traps I mean ponds. (Can you say run-on sentence Becky?) Even Benjamin helped with the digging...

It was a huge job and my fabulous Mom and my husband are officially my heroes. Mom even ordered us some sand and now Benjamin has a huge sandbox to play in. It's so great to be able to let Ben go in our backyard without worrying about him drowning in a sludge-filled pond of death.

Another huge event that occured this week was the final laying to rest of my beloved fish Black Bart, Gil the Thrill, and J.D. (Jynx's Dinner). They have been cryogenically frozen in my freezer for the past 7 years waiting for the perfect resting place to be found. (No Dad, a toilet is NOT a perfect resting place for a much loved and subsequently mourned pet.) I figured, what would make a better grave than an old fish pond for a bunch of old fish? You can see here how heartbroken Glen and my mom were on the occasion of the clearing of dead pets from my frozen food storage facility.


  1. good thing you didn't have a dog!

  2. These ar fish you're talking about? I didn't know people actually got attached to fish. How do you get attached to a fish? Did they rub up against your hand when you put your hand in the tank? Could you hand feed them fish snacks or teach them tricks? I don't get it. Please, Becky, help me to understand.

  3. I find it ironic that your last post had the title it does. How can that be.

  4. Becky I am glad that you finally were able to put your fish to rest. Melanie had a fish that died and she took that little guy in a teaspoon and walked into the bathroom and flushed him..went to the store and got another one and when it died, she flushed him too and then packed up the fish bowl...for some reason she didn't get as attached. Maybe because she only had him for 2 days.

  5. Wow... I don't think I'd ever get attached to fish like that... 7 years?? Ack... I've never really had fish... To me, they aren't really pets... Because pets are something that you pet, and you don't pet fish... At least I don't... if you do, that's a different story...

  6. Shame on all of you. Peter and I bought a little fish, named Rupert. He lived a week, and I cried all day when he died. I understand you Becky, though I'm not quite sure I understand putting him next to the perogies in the freezer, that might freak me out a little...

  7. hola moose becky, 7 YEARS??? i laughed pretty hard when i read that. i can't believe you actually froze dead fish. my family is crazier than i thought... anyways, i'm very proud of you for finally putting them to rest for good not in your freezer... and your new baby boy is adorable, i can't wait to meet him :D


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