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That's It.

We are so not traveling anywhere further than the Yorkton Walmart for a very long time. Last night the three hour drive from Saskatoon took us almost five and a half hours, which meant we pulled into our driveway at around 12:30 am. It was the trip from H - E - double hockey sticks and I thought it would never end.

Must remember... Never travel with a newborn...

Out of the mouths of babes...

Here are some things that Ben said this afternoon that can tell you a lot about my life right now.

Oh no! Ah cying! Ah Samooel! Oh dear.
Stupid cat! Dumb cat!
Doccuh ana Phil!
Oh toot!
Ah hungy. Ah pizza? Peas?
Wait a secon!
Mummy tie ud.
Get uh mote. Bing uh mote.

Poor Sam. That poor baby cries a lot.
Poor Ben. He's so neglected.
Poor me. I'm tired, Dr. Phil is boring today, and Ben takes a long time to get the remote.

My First Blogiversary

I just realized the other day that I was coming up on my one year blogiversary while I was planning Ben's 2nd birthday party. I was trying to remember what I had written last year for his birthday and I realized I hadn't had a blog for last year's birthday. (Although his birthday cake was the subject of one of my first posts...)

My very first post was about my childhood pet Jynx's death, and how upset I was. (Which is funny to me because all I've been thinking about today is how I wish there weren't any cats at all in my life right now. My cats are stupid. I say this all the time as is evidenced by Ben's frequent exclamations of "Stupid cat! Dumb cat! I guess I'm just way too tired to have more living creatures depending on me for their existence. I'd take Jynx though. She was a good cat. I miss her.")

Anywho... I had big plans to write a fabulous post to celebrate my big day, but now it is after 11pm, Ben's in bed, Sam needs a bath, and…

My Benjamin's Birthday

My little man turned two today... I know people always say this, but I can't believe how fast he's growing up. I was looking at some videos and pictures from one year ago and two years ago and my baby is turning into a little boy. I often find myself wishing I could freeze him and keep him just the way he is... Kinda like my fish, but not...

I am the type of person who looks at the people I love and thinks "Someday they'll be gone..." It can be a bit of a problem because I can find it difficult to fully enjoy my time with people because the whole time I'm thinking about how things change and how someday I'll wish I could relive the moment I'm living right then. When I'm with my Grandparents I often wonder if I'm giving them my last hug. When my parents leave for home after a visit as I watch their car drive away I pray and cry and imagine what it would be like if they got in an accident on the highway and died. I frequently have vivid dreams a…

Evolution of Dance

Got a few minutes of spare time? Wanna see something funny? Then...
Click Here
I'd like to see Ang learn this routine and add in some Riverdance moves.

Ang Braun: Feet of Fire

Happy Mother's Day

Last year for Mother's Day I found daffodils growing in our front yard. There aren't any daffodils blooming yet, but the flowers blooming on the tree just outside my bedroom window are so pretty and just as nice. I think they must be the flowers that God's sending me for Mother's Day this year. (I'm so glad we never got around to cutting that tree down... I had no idea it could bloom like this.) It is so lovely to sit in bed early in the mornings nursing Samuel with the window open. I can hear chickadees singing from its flowery branches and smell the scent of its blossoms floating into my room. (It almost makes up for having to wake up every 2 or 3 hours all night long.)

Isn't it nice how if we look with open hearts we can see little messages of love and support from God all around us?

Bad Parenting:

I used to promise myself I'd never be one of those parents who'd use a television set to babysit their kids. So much for that. I also promised myself I'd never let myself go or own a minivan. Sigh. The way things are going, I'm thinking there'll be a minivan somewhere in my future.

I guess that's why they say, "Never say never."


Sam has this thing where he refuses to be put down. He will only sleep a maximum of 10 minutes by himself. He insists on being on someone at all times and completely freaks out when he realizes we have put him down. This is a problem when Ben is hungry or poopy... Or when I am hungry and nearly poopy... Or in the very rare times when Glen and I are tired. (Insert sarcastic tone of voice here.)

So... Sam sleeps on us or he screams his head off until we pick him up. I tell you. It's good times here at the Willems' household.

A Long Day.

I'm wiped. I'm remembering back to bringing Benjamin home from the hospital and those first few weeks and wishing a little bit to go back there. I've always thought having one child is really like having a hobby instead of actual parenting and I know some people out there might disagree, but I was so right. I had it good back then. If the baby had a rough night... No prob, I'd just sleep during the day. If Ben had to suck on me all day... No biggie, more time to sit on my duff and watch TV. It wasn't like I had anything else to worry about. Oh sure, eating and bathing may have had to be put off, but nothing crucial was waiting for me. Taking care of one child is a hobby. I've said it before and I'm sticking to it.

Two is a slightly different story. (Cancel slightly and insert totally.) Anyone who has had more than one child knows this. If I don't get to sleep at night... I don't get to sleep. End of story. If Sam thinks he should suck on me all day..…

A kick in the pants:

All right people. What gives? How come no one is commenting on Sam's blog? I've been putting up all kinds of cute pictures and he's starting to feel a bit snubbed by the lack of interest, so hustle over there and tell me how cute you think he is. Move!

Oh, and here's a cute picture of Ben just for fun: