Bad Parenting:

I used to promise myself I'd never be one of those parents who'd use a television set to babysit their kids. So much for that. I also promised myself I'd never let myself go or own a minivan. Sigh. The way things are going, I'm thinking there'll be a minivan somewhere in my future.

I guess that's why they say, "Never say never."


  1. that's not bad parenting! that's needing time to yourself - to take a shower, to eat, to clean the house, to SIT...

  2. Isn't it amazing how you have such good parenting skills, and then one day you have kids and all your good ideas go straight out the window. I tell you I make a much better grandparent than I ever did a parent :)

  3. This is called survival.
    M. Kurpiela


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