Happy Anniversary Pooky!

May our love be rooted,
In the love of the Father.

May our love be strengthened,
As we reach towards the Son.

May our love be watered,
With the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

I am so thankful that God brought you into my life.
(I'm seriously.)


  1. Happy Anniversary. I hope you are all feeling well enough to celebrate this weekend at least. Or at least just celebrate all being well again, that sounds like just as big a mile marker as, what? seven years of marriage? Nice work on both counts.

  2. Happy Anniversary Glen and Becky. I just read all three of your entries today because I have been in Edmonton for Ryan's wedding. It sounds like you have been having quite the time. I'm so sorry to hear that.
    Becky, I have tried to email you at that address about 3 or 4 times and I never get a response so I am mailing you gift to your mom and dads and they can send it on or get it to you somehow. I don't know what else to do.

  3. That's craziness... I wonder if I put in the wrong address... I'll go check.

  4. Auntie Mitz, I don't know what happened. I sent an email to myself using that link and it worked fine. I wonder if my spam guard is blocking you...

  5. Happy aniversary you two. I hope you had a few moments of peace and quiet. If not, you will some day and then you will think back to the noisy time of life and smile, or cheer and dance a little jig, or cry a few tears. God bless you in your marriage.
    love and Prayers
    Auntie Sue

  6. Aww, congradulations, you guys! Wow, I can't believe it's been that long... I remember going to your wedding. It's seemed such a long time ago, and yet just like yesterday. Weird how getting older does that to you. I think I'm going to have Alzheimer disease at 30.

  7. Happy Anniversary!!

    I hope you were able to enjoy it,and if not, there will always be more to celebrate.


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