I don't really have anything interesting to say, This is just an excuse to post these pictures.

The other day during dinner I decided Ben was looking especially cute and took out the camera to take a picture of him. As soon as he saw the camera aimed at him he put on a huge smile and said "CHEEEEEEESE!" He's never done this before and he hasn't done it since. What a weird little kid.

Today I was listening to a CD and at the end of one of the songs there was applause and Ben said, "Sank you, sank you, sank you." Like he was Elvis or something. Some days...

In other news, this afternoon I got a phone call from some vacuum selling company. They had been by the other day to enter me in a "free" draw. All I had to do was tell them my name, what type of vacuum I have, and of course, my phone number. Today they phone and tell me the big draw is still happening in September, but I've miraculously won one of the daily draws. I can pick one of two prizes: A free stay at some resort in the States or a set of knives. Now ordinarily I would have just hung up, but my family is constantly pestering me about the state of my knives so I interrupt her little speach to ask, "And what is it I have to do to get this prize that I have already won?" I think we all know the answer... a vacuum demonstration.

I still have to decide if the knives are worth me being at home when the guy shows up. (Is that mean?) These people are nutters. Do they really think I'm dumb enough to believe they don't call everyone who was willing to give out their phone number and tell them they've "won" a daily draw? Whatever. Free knives. We'll see. (At least then I could tell people I tried to remedy my knife situation right?)

The census job is going well... I guess I'm not supposed to tell people they're going to jail if they don't do it which is a let down for me, but you can't have everything right? It's still nice to get out of the house and last night I took Glen and his mom out for dinner with my very own hard earned moolah. Beckerama, workin' for the man.

Sam's smiling and talking, which is a very enjoyable change. He loves his chair from Trish and today he spent an hour amusing himself by kicking to make himself and the toys rock and talking away to them. I cleaned my room. It was fabulous.


  1. I knew that Sam would calm done. I'm just glad that I wasn't there for the whole ordeal. Is that cruel? Great pics Becky. I am not sure if I did my census. Can you check and just fix that little doubt I have? Thanks Becky, your the best!!

  2. Andrea LaidlawJune 28, 2006 9:29 PM

    I just have to comment and say I love your blogs. We have very similar lives. I have two sons as well. William was born April 15/04 and Matthew just a day before Same April 17/06. It is so nice to have someone to listen to (even if only by blogs). Please continue blogging. I really enjoy them


    And Dad... That's it. I'm calling the census police. You're going to jail for sure.

    I had to hassle Ang about her census... I think I should get paid for it.

  4. Well, I'm glad you enjoy the census thing. I hate the census, and the lady had to come by a bunch of times. Then we sent it in half filled out, and when she called us, we refused to answer some questions, because I don't see why the government needs to know that stuff. I think they need to write me a census, telling me where all of my tax money goes. I think that should be required by law.

    So what happens if you don't fill it out? Competely refuse. What do they do to you, other than nag you until you give it to them just so they'll leave you alone?

    I'm bitter because I had to fill out the big one. I'm glad you enjoy it, though.

  5. Oh yeah, I kind of went off there. Ben and Sam are adorable.

  6. Adorable pictures of the boys. I won't even comment on the census thingy. Needless to say I agree with Carrie in regards to some of the questions they want answered.

  7. I did my cencus on line and I must have had a short one. It toll me about 3 minutes.
    You have very cute boys. I also knew that Sam would leave behind the screaming and crying, but it can seem to take forever while they are doing it.

  8. So here's my thoughts about the vacuum. (or however it's spelled), you're not a pushover. You're a tough cookie. Just because they come in your house and harass you, doesn't mean they will strap you down and make you purchase one. What they WILL do is vaccuum your house. And give you new knives, and then all you have to do is be really mean at the end, tell them that you have a conrolling horrible husband who hates new vaccums and he'll stab you with sewing needles if you buy one, and shame, you're the mother of small children. Then kick them out the door. Voila, clean carpet, new knives, no work for you.

  9. Good thinking Mel.

    And Carrie... You better watch out. The man is always listening...

  10. wanna hear something sick...jonathan was actually WAITING for the census. and then we got the big one and he was very excited. cause if we didn't get the big one he was going to find someone who had it and ask to switch. needless to say...ours was done and submitted a long time ago.

  11. there was more than one type of census?? i only had a simple little one that my wife filled out and threw in the mail... they didn't even ask how much money we make... totally non invasive

  12. Our was 1. name 2.birthdate 3. spoken language and that's about it. I thought it was okay.

  13. Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.


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