PLUS now I'm sick too.

Sam's finally asleep in his swing so now I have time for some more whining. Here goes...

I'm sick. I haven't been this sick in forever. I want to lie in my bed and moan. Unfortunately for me, my babies are also sick and doing most of the moaning. At least Sam isn't screaming anymore. Moaning is much easier to put up with. On Saturday he screamed from noon until just before midnight with the occasional 20 minute sleep to get some energy for the next screaming session. It is not fun to hold a screaming baby while feeling feverish and headachy. Let me tell you. (Plus it is really difficult to blow your nose with only one hand. I am not skilled at this yet.)

On the upside his mouth seems to be healing and the thrush patch on his tongue has shrunk to almost nothing. So what I am forecasting is this:

1) All of us get over this nasty cold by the weekend.
2) Sam gets one more thrush treatment and is done it by Wednesday.
3) The roof of Sam's mouth will be once again covered in sores for a few days making him a maniac till approximately Saturday.
4) Sam's thrush is gone, his mouth is healed and he is happier than I've ever seen him by the end of this week.

This is my dream people.

One more up in my life is that
I have a job interview with Census Canada tomorrow. I should have no problem getting the job since I worked for them on the last census... So hopefully we can add this to my forecast:

5) I get the census job and go through training on Thursday and Friday and am on the streets by next Monday telling people to fill in their census or go to jail. (Ahhh... I love working for the man. The power trips alone are worth the effort.)

Whoops. Sam's screaming. Got to run.


  1. congrats becky and glen.

    i hope your plan works out for you. if it doesn't perhaps i could try and find some cash for a trip there so i can hold your baby.

  2. I pray that you and your whole family are feeling better soon. And good luck with the Census job. I am sure the change will do you a bit of good.

  3. Aww, I hope you guys are all feeling better soon. I hate being sick, I couldn't imagine doing it when I also have sick little ones. I'm whiny when I'm sick, and babies don't care, unfortunately. Here's hoping everything works out. And good luck with the census thing. Working for the man?! *shakes head*


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