Thrush + Colic + Colds = Padded Cell?

Look at my beautiful baby people! Just look at him! For crying out loud.

Sam has thrush and has had it practically since the day he was born. Which means I've been giving him medicine for it since the day he was born. Which wouldn't be so bad, but the medicine works better if it gets a chance to sit in his mouth for a while. Which means I give it to him after he nurses. Sadly, the medicine always upsets him which makes him want to nurse and he can't cause it needs to soak in so he cries. (Cancel "cries" and put in "screams".)

Anyways. The regular medicine hasn't worked so now we are doing this purple crap that stains everything instantly. (If you think he looks bad then you don't want to even think about what my nipples look like.) In addition to this medicine making my adorable baby look like a freak it is giving him sores in his mouth which make him upset which makes him want to nurse, but when he tries to suck it hurts so he cries. (Cancel "cries" and put in"screams".)

Plus. Sam is colicky. Which means he screams for seemingly no reason and doesn't stop till he feels like it no matter what we do. He has to be held all the time. He practically never sleeps for longer than an hour.

Plus. Ben and Sam now have colds that they caught from their Daddy. So today Sam was awake and either attached to my nipple, or screaming his head off, or attached to my nipple and screaming his head off. (Hard to do, but he manages it somehow.) The poor little guy was so out of sorts he didn't sleep for longer than 15 minutes at a time starting at around 9am and lasting till around 10pm when he finally crashed. (He's sleeping on Glen right now. We wouldn't even dream of trying to put him down.)

Anyways. Today my loving husband surprised me with two "tickets" to Regina for a day to visit my friend Ang and I cried. Not because I was excited. Nope. It was because I couldn't handle the thought of all of the work to get ready and then the stress of the drive plus the stress of taking care of Sam while at a friend's house. So we're not going. Not right now anyways, but I think Ang might come out this weekend... Hopefully I'll be too busy to stress about the house being clean. I think that might push me over the edge.

The point? Ang my sister was talking to Glen about some massages that she has coming to her and Glen told her I could use a massage. And I could, but honestly, I'd be just as happy to lie in a room... any room... with no one else in it for a while. Just a quiet, empty room, with no threat of interruption lurking around the corner.

So here's what I'm thinking: Don't mental institutions have rooms just like that? And if I'm not mistaken aren't they also nice and padded for comfort? Sounds good. Sign me up.


  1. so... i've now learned more about your nipples than i ever wanted to know... thanks... *gouges eyes and brain out* it burns us... it burns us... but yeah... anyways... that sucks... hope it gets better... what's a guy supposed to say in a situation like this... yeah..

  2. wow...i don't know what to say i am so sorry and i am so glad i'm not you. i don't think i could handle that. no...i know i could handle it if i had to. and i know you can handle it too. so i wouldn't be booking any padded rooms quite yet.

  3. I'm praying Becky. That's all I could possibly say.

  4. Oh becky,
    You have my sympathy and Prayers. i wish I was closer, so that i could come over for an hour or so to give you that much needed break. I kind of remamber what it was like to have a colicky baby. It is so not fun.
    God Bless you Becky and Glen
    Love you all
    Auntie Sue

  5. Ditto Trav.
    When I opened this I laughed. I mean, just look at that funny looking boy. Then I read it, like Trav, I winced a couple of times. I do feel sorry for you and wish I lived closer so I could babysit a while. I love that purple baby.

  6. I Googled thrush + health and found this article that you may find helpful.
    I checked over 50 sites and some mentioned treating every family member at the same time.
    After having dealt with this with the last two of my babies, I highly recommend liquid for Sam, chewable for Ben, and capsules for Becky and Glen. The recommended treatment time is six months to get a proper digestive balance in the intestines. A good health food store will hopefully have all three versions, and all should be stored in the refridgerator.

    Natural Remedies for Thrush
    By Anna-Marie Hawthorne
    Does nursing hurt so badly that it makes a root canal look good?
    Are your nipples so bright that they can double as night-lights?
    Do you find yourself guessing shapes among the white patchy clouds in your baby's mouth?
    Whether you are a new breastfeeding mom or a seasoned veteran, thrush can invade your nursing times, making them dreaded, excruciating and disappointing feedings. Knowing your condition is half the battle. Thankfully, treatment is as close as your health food store.
    Candida is a yeast organism that is found on the skin as "normal flora" -- part of the mix of organisms always found on our skin. When it is in balance, we don't notice its presence, but when it grows out of control, it can cause redness and pain, worry and frustration.
    Thrush (also called candidiasis) is an overgrowth of Candida fungi on the skin or mucous membranes. It is most commonly found in women and infants who are taking antibiotics or breastfeeding. The normal bacteria are killed off and the yeast mutates from a round shape into an elongated one with "fingers" that reach down and anchor it.
    In healthy children, treatment is not necessary; the condition will clear up on its own in a month or so. However, you may want to try some natural treatments to clear it up sooner, especially if it is causing you or your baby discomfort. There are natural ways to treat or even prevent thrush and enjoy breastfeeding moments with your baby again.
    Eat yogurt every day. The acidophilus in yogurt is a healthy bacterium that helps restore natural balance in your digestive system and can keep yeast in check. You can also give your infant one teaspoon of liquid acidophilus twice daily.
    Keep your nipples clean and dry. Prevent dry, cracked skin, which can harbor yeast and bacteria and lead to thrush or even mastitis.
    Keep yourself yeast-free during pregnancy. Your newborn can become infected while passing through the birth canal.
    Keep yourself and your baby healthy. Avoid antibiotics, which can kill off healthy bacteria, too, causing Candida to grow unchecked.
    Ensure proper positioning while nursing to avoid trauma to the nipple.
    If you are suffering from thrush, here are ten ways to clear it up right now.
    Yeast hates sun; sunbathe a couple of times every day.
    Take LOTS of acidophilus (both mother and baby). It is very safe. Check with your health food store's experts on recommended doses.
    Use Lansinoh or other breast ointment to heal cracks, thereby decreasing your risk of infection.
    Give baby liquid acidophilus twice daily.
    Rinse your nipples after each feeding with a mixture of one cup of water and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.
    Warm soaks with paper towels can soothe irritated nipples.
    Dispose of paper towels after each use.
    Boil nipple shields, pacifiers and chew toys separately for 20 minutes after each use.
    Do not save expressed milk during this time. You can re-infect by using tainted milk.
    Wash bath towels in bleach after each use and never share your towel. Do not rub your nipples with towels.
    Treat mother and child together. If you can clear up everyone at the same time, your chances of recurrence are significantly lower.

    Thrush can be eliminated quickly and safely, especially if caught early. Knowing the danger signs can start you on the road to recovery right away. If you are pregnant, you can take precautions to avoid this malady altogether. Speak with your healthcare provider if you are experiencing pain with breastfeeding and consult your lactation specialist. Have her observe an entire feeding to ensure proper positioning. Clearing thrush in Mommy and Baby together will erase the pain so that breastfeeding can become the tender, fulfilling moment it is meant to be.


    Anna-Marie Hawthorne is a registered nurse and freelance writer. She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband and two daughters. It is her passion to help people with the spoken and written word. You can visit her website at

    I hope you find this helpful.

  7. Here is another article that may be helpful

    Thrush is a yeast infection that appears as creamy, white patches inside the mouth. It is especially common in babies and young children, and is often accompanied by a fever and poor digestion. Like most yeast infections, it is exacerbated if your child is given antibiotics. Studies from Germany, Russia, England and Hungary show that many essential oils, especially those of clove, tea tree and lavender, inhibit Candida albicans, the yeast that causes this infection. These essential oils can be diluted in any vegetable oil in your kitchen, such as olive or safflower. According to research on chamomile conducted in Hungary in 1976 and studies reported in the Journal of General Microbiology in 1988, the potent antifungal compounds in garlic and chamomile also combat this bacterium. To help fight thrush, try incorporating these foods into your child's diet.
    My herb student Rosemary became concerned when her infant daughter Cerridwyn became unusually cranky and fitful. This concern increased when the baby developed a serious case of diarrhea with lots of intestinal gas. Until this time, Rosemary had treated her daughter's few disorders with simple herbs, but on this occasion all her natural remedies only worked temporarily. Despite all Rosemary's best efforts, Cerridwyn's mouth was soon so raw and painful that she could barely nurse and was becoming dehydrated. Rosemary took the baby to the pediatrician, who said that Cerridwyn was probably just suffering from the flu, which would disappear in a few days. This proved not to be the case, and the problem just got worse every day.

    Rosemary guessed that Cerridwyn's illness might be thrush and could therefore be treated with herbs after all. Confirming her guess, a few of the typical white spots that indicate thrush finally became noticeable in Cerridwyn's mouth. Rosemary knew that lavender and tea tree essential oils destroyed Candida, but she also knew that they were too strong to use undiluted in the baby's mouth. She mixed the essential oils in some vegetable oil and gently swabbed the inside of Cerridwyn's mouth with the mixture. Since Candida often spreads to a nursing mother's nipples, Rosemary also treated herself so that she and Cerridwyn would not continue to pass the illness back and forth. For the first time in two weeks, improvement was almost immediate. In another week's time, Cerridwyn was again a happy, healthy baby.

    Thrush Oil

    8 drops each lavender and tea tree essential oils

    2 tablespoons vegetable oil

    Combine ingredients. Gently apply oil to inside of child's mouth with a cotton swab or a clean finger. A nursing mother whose child is suffering from thrush should apply this oil to her nipples so that she and her baby do not pass the illness back and forth.

    Be absolutely sure you get pure oil, as many so called oils are mostly artificial. The oil brands that are 100% pure oil are 'Heliolab', 'Nature's Sunshine', 'Quintessence Aromatics', and 'Young Living'. I hope some of this is helpful. M.K.

  8. Wow... those articles sound very... informative... ?? Unfortunately, I can offer no advice, especially nothing as good as Anna-Marie... However, you, along with Ben and little purple-mouthed Sam, have my sympathies... aww...

  9. Poor Mom, and poor Sam. I hope they find something to get the thrush under control for you soon.

  10. Interesting stuff you have. Do you know about Royal Rife? The guy who figured out how to eliminate cancer with electronic frequencies. One of the most suppressed medical technologies by powerful men like Morris Fishbein of the Journal of the American Medical Association.


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