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You and you alone...

I remember having a conversation with this friend of mine (and Glen's) at Fuddruckers a long time ago. We talked about the mystery behind why he never could seem to "get the girl". My theory was timing. It seemed to me at that time that all of the girls this friend had liked had also liked him, but only at different times than he was pursuing them... It seemed like he was always too early or too late. I don't think my theory made him feel any better. Maybe worse actually.

This past weekend I had the enormous pleasure of watching this friend get married to one of the kindest, smartest, and loveliest girls I've ever met. You couldn't possibly pick a better match for Scotty. Watching the two of them together - made this romantic sap's heart melt anyways - and made me think about our conversation about timing. In the end Scotty really didn't have a problem with timing at all. It's a good thing Scotty's timing was "off" 'cause God had …

Worlds Colliding

Against my better judgment I bought Sims 2 off of eBay the other day. I knew it would be a huge mistake and it was. I have this tendency way down deep to want to escape real life. When I was younger I did it with my barbies. Even as I grew older I would often create detailed fantasies when life seemed too depressing to be endured. Oh, nothing perverted or twisted. Usually just cheerful little romances where I am rescued by a handsome prince or something along those lines.

One common fantasy - I can't believe I'm actually writing this - usually occurred while waiting for the bus on my way to work at Pizza Hut in the freezing winter wind on a downtown Regina street corner. In this particular fantasy a very classy car pulls up beside me. A man in the backseat opens his window and behold! It's someone along the lines of Cary Elwes (The "As you wish" hot cha cha guy from Princess Bride) and he is in Regina for some awards banquet and his date has stood him up. Poor guy…

Lonely for Chackins

It's super hot outside and pouring down buckets of rain. I miss Ping. I wish she were here. I wish Star Trek was real.

Imaginary Goodness

A little known fact about me is that I crave imaginary pizza (and spaghetti... and tacos... and chinese food... and actually all imaginary food). I love toy pizza. I always wish I could really eat it. Same with pizza on cartoons. I wish I could call up Pizza Hut and order a pizza and when it got here it would look just like it does in a cartoon like The Simpsons. And you know that scene in Conspiracy Theory where Mel Gibson sends a pizza to Julia Roberts and she brings it out to him and then he takes it from her and eats it in the car? Oh man. I love that scene. And it's not Mel. It's the imaginary pizza. How come pizza never looks like that in real life? On TV and in movies it is always in these huge slices and it's all droopy and... Oh man. (It's the same with Chinese food in make believe world. Like the Chinese food that they're always ordering on Seinfeld. It's always in those cool boxes and it comes with chopsticks and the noodles look so goooooood.) Maybe…

Cute hey?

Too bad his family lives so far away... They should come for a visit or something before he grows out of it and turns into a snotty teenager.

One of us... One of us...

Another family member has been converted to our blogging cult. The brainwashing and conditioning sessions have finally taken effect and she has been saved, hallelujah amen, from the doomed world of anonymity. Now all she has to do is pass the initiation test and she can truly be called... ONE OF US... ONE OF US... ONE OF US.'t worry Carolyn, all that's left to do is drink a little chicken blood and swallow a live fish or two and you are in. It's not like we'd ask you to do anything gross. One of us... One of us...)

An Epiphany

I noticed something today that has led to a bit of an epiphany. I have this need to document every moment of Ben's life. And now Sam's. Right now he is upstairs watching a movie with Glen and giving an adorable play by play and what do I want to do? Get the video camera. I have issues.

Today we stopped at a regular family hang out of ours. The train tracks. There are usually some trains parked there and Ben loves to touch them. I'm not sure if this is illegal or not... Probably it is, but this time Glen even put Ben on the train. He was in his glory I tell you.

Instead of enjoying the moment I semi-ruined it by trying to get the perfect shot of Ben enjoying the moment. The only thing is he has trouble enjoying the moment when his Mommy is constantly trying to get him to pose just right. Why do I do that? Why can't I just enjoy and if I must photograph every moment why can't I just snap a quick picture and be happy.

That's the thing. I'm almost never just happy…