Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Kirsten is turning 15 today. I can hardly believe it. I think she is actually taller than me now. I still remember kissing her goodbye the first time her family went to Mexico City for a missions term. I was home from camp for a day to go to an appointment in the city. I was told I couldn't stop in and see her by a very insensitive camp director, but I did anyways. (I still don't feel bad... Especially since that same camp director secretly took all of the male counseling staff into the city for wings leaving all of their campers alone in their cabins for most of the night. Don't talk to me about being irresponsible... Wait. Where was I?) She was riding her tricycle on her driveway and drinking Tang from a sippy cup. I asked her for a kiss goodbye and she gave me one. Right on the lips with her cold little slobbery tang tasting mouth. I cried all the way back to camp.

When she was a little baby I fell in love with her and I've never fallen out. That girl. She is so smart and so funny and so sweet and so loving. I love the person she is growing up to be just as much as the sweet little baby she was, but sometimes I still wish I could have just one more cold slobbery Tang kiss...

Stop by her blog and wish her a happy birthday kay?


  1. Aww. That whole family is just wonderful. Until I read your blog, I had no idea who that was, I can't believe how big she is! I'll head over and wish her a happy birthday right away.


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