A little light afternoon heresy...

This morning I dropped by the VBS at my church and I was treated to some singing and a skit. In the skit (sketch?) at one point one of the characters complained, "But the bible is so boring..." and the other character replied, "Well, yeah, sorta..."

Is that allowed? Are Christians allowed to say the bible is boring? I remember as a fairly new Christian hearing people talk about how other new Christians just "hunger for the word". I remember feeling like maybe there was something wrong with me because that never happened for me. It's not that I was never excited about something I'd read, but if someone had asked me if the bible was boring if I was being honest I would have said, "Well, yeah, sorta." (I probably actually would have said something like, "Absolutely not! It's different every time I read it!" Brother.)

I still wonder sometimes whether something is wrong with me. I still hear people around me talking about how exciting the word of God is and they list it as their favorite book on their blogger profiles. I'd like to list the bible, but if I'm honest I find "spending time in the word" to be a chore rather than a pleasure most of the time, so I thought it would be a touch hypocrytical. Usually I'd rather listen to some praise and worship CD's, or read almost anything else. I almost never just sit and read my bible for fun. I generally stick to The Message unless I have something specific I want to study. Is that normal? I'm sure there are people out there who would tell me that "If I read more, I'd want to read more." I've been there and done it. No difference in my enjoyment factor. Others would say something like "You can't do it on your own. You have to pray that God would give you the hunger." Done it. No difference. I've heard all the rhetoric. I've probably even spewed some of it out. I'm just tired of it. Sometimes I really wish church people would cut all the crap and just tell the truth for a change. (Or I suppose it's possible I am just a freak and they are telling the truth.)

So, maybe I'm a heretic, but I found hearing that the bible is sorta boring admitted (GASP!) in a church (GASP! GASP!) kind of liberating. Now don't get your panties tied in a knot... I'm not saying it isn't life-changing and crucial to my walk with God. I'm just saying that for me it can be a little on the dull side. (GASP!) Especially since I've read most of it more than once and some of it way more than once. (So don't bother trying to reform me by quoting verses... I've read them.)


  1. i don't think your a heretic at all beck... unless i'm one too... which i guess is quite possible... but i do however remember a time when reading the bible was fun... we would sit together at church after doing the whole worship team thing and open our bibles and find verses and use them incredibly out of context and cut down the other sex... you know verses like numbers 31:15. just read the verse... don't put it context... and that's what we did... yeah... we're definately heretics

  2. LOL. I forgot about that. I seem to remember writing this one out for you...

    (Trav is) an object of mockery to people everywhere;
    when they see (him), they shake their heads. Psalm 109:25

    We were so good at uplifting and edifying eachother back then hey?

  3. meh... we had fun reading the bible, right?

  4. Yeah. Who needs edification anyways? Not me.

  5. Yeah. Who needs edification anyways? Not me.

  6. yeah... we're totally heretics

  7. I have to agree that at times the Bible can be a bit hum drum.

    But that does not take away from it's messages.

  8. Ahh, VBS. Those were good times. But I agree sometimes, that just reading the Bible is somewhat... boring (goodness, that sounds sacreligous to say... or type, in this case). But the stories and messages are really great. I remember being a kid and I had this book of Bible stories, and I loved it.


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