Ben Has Another Close Call

Well, apparently I need to work a little harder on baby proofing our house. We had another close call today. My pulse is still racing a little. We almost had a full out catastrophe.

Ben came upstairs today with something on his feet. Something that struck fear into my heart. Something that filled my mind with the worst sorts of pictures. Yes people, he had marker scribbles all over his feet and PJ's. What was so scary about that you ask? I suddenly remembered that I had left out some permanent fabric markers and paints. I ran down the stairs picturing our nice tan carpet with green and purple and yellow scribbles all over it. Then I pictured scribbles all over our furniture. Then I pictured scribbles all over my nice white walls. Scribbles that would never come out. Oh the horror.

I don't think I can explain to you the relief I felt when I got down into the basement and found the markers, lids off, and no scribbles to be seen. I guess Ben was only interested in decorating himself today. Thank you Jesus. Another catastrophe averted.

Sort of.


  1. Hiya:

    Just drifted in off the weird wibe wob and noticed your post about feeling line a bad mum, Christian, etc ...

    Hope you'll forgive my responding to it here. I have only a little offering. I got it from the head of a Hutterite colony in Alberta about eight years ago.

    Myself (trucking, at that time and place) and a farm equipment salesman were talking to the old man. He was chubby and jovial, and he wore the flat, black, round hat and a Quaker beard (like a pie crust, no moustache).

    At some point the salesman said:
    "You're a good man sir."

    In mildly admonishing tones he replied:

    "There ain't but one good."

    I've dropped the Christianity habit myself, but I enjoyed the statement and hope I never forget it; or the simple humility of it.

    It's been a nice read. I'm sure your son will be fine. Personally, I once left a baby on the roof of the car in his car seat.

    There ain't but one good.


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