Garage Sale: Chapter Two

Remember the glass for sale that I was reconsidering?

Someone bought it. I wanted to run after her screaming... "You can't take that! Wait! I need it!"

Deep breaths Becky, in and out.


  1. what glass? what are you talking about.

  2. Beck, can I just say that for the LONGEST time I thought the title on your blog read "just a little soother in your hand", not "smoother." Too funny -- maybe it's the mommy hormones raging through me these days? :)

  3. Okay Ang, try and keep up. In the previous post I mentioned that I had been rethinking the sale of a glass. Thinking maybe I should keep it. Before I was done thinking someone bought it.

    Are you drunk?

  4. LOL. If that glass thing confused her the two "Becky's" is gonna make her brain explode or something. Heh heh.

  5. I hope you at least got a good price for your glass to compensate for your feelings of wanting to keep it.

  6. You should have had a Guest book at your garage sale. Have everyone who purchased something sign it and leave their address and phone number. That way you could go back to them if you later change your mind. :)

  7. Good to hear you didn't actually try to grab it out of her hands. lol And Becky commenting on Becky's blog, that's something I'm gonna have to get used to. lol

  8. Becky who? I'm with Ang. I have a headache.

  9. i don't have a headache. i feel just fine actually. thanks though.

    ps - best thing out of that garage sale is some sweet roller skates. heck yeah!


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