Garage Sale

It's my first time. Unless you count the time I sold my Barbie Motor Home for $5.00 at Mom's yard sale. Turns out that was a huge mistake. I just found one that's selling on ebay for $86.00 with three days still to go. I should have kept it. Look at it.

That van was a thing of beauty. (Matthew, none of your cool car pictures even come close to this hot little number.) I can't believe I sold it. Hey Ang, let's pool our money and buy that one off of ebay. I bet it doesn't go for more than a hundred. Maybe one fifty. Now where was I? Oh yeah...

I'm all freaked out. Who's gonna want all the stuff I don't want? If I don't want it why would someone else? Hey. Do I really want to get rid of that glass? What if Ben wants it someday? Maybe I'll just put that back in the house. Maybe that pair of roller skates too. You never know when your gonna need a pair of roller skates... This is too hard. I'm gonna puke. (Pictures are coming soon by the way. Not of me puking, of the garage sale. You guys are sick.)


  1. i'm totally going to drink some rum and go for a roller skate. i'll whip out a tripple sow cow...can't be too hard.

  2. LOL. I'll charge the batteries on the video camera.

  3. I understand your indecision on setting out stuff for your garage sale. I keep seeing things allthe time that Ihad as a kid, that I have gotten rid of, and now they are worth a heck of a lot more. I guess cause it's now considered an " antique"


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