It's official.

I'm sick of things coming out of my kids.

I'm sick of being puked on. I'm sick of smelling like puke. I'm sick of never having any shirts to wear cause they've all been puked on or I don't want to risk them getting puked on.

I'm sick of cleaning up poop. I'm sick of the smell and the sight of poop. I'm sick of rushing to change diapers when I hear it or smell it 'cause I'm worried it will leak out. I'm sick of being too late. I'm sick of trying to rinse the poop off of baby clothes. I'm sick of trying to get out poop stains from shirts and pants and the occasional socks.

I'm sick of boogers. I'm sick of wiping them off of noses. I'm sick of holding down screaming children while I try to wipe them off of noses. I'm sick of suctioning them out of noses. I'm sick of cleaning the boogers out of the little suction thingy. I'm sick of wiping them out of hair and off of cheeks. I'm sick of holding hands and finding boogers. I'm sick of wiping it off of my doors, my couch, highchairs, the fridge, the television and so many toys. I'm sick of finding it on the cats and being too lazy to clean it off, and then having to look at cats with boogers in their fur.


  1. Yikes!! All little person bodily functions in one blog. No slobber comments?

    I feel for you. Honestly, by the time they hit 16 or so, they stop. LOL

  2. Yeah, Becky. Take heart. Jack stopped all that about a year ago. LOL

  3. oh beckerdoodle...
    You need to look at the upside of all this...
    Think of the new clothes you'll buy to replace the ones that have interesting odours!
    Think of what a well rounded person you've become by taking care of children!
    Think of the excellent stories you have to entertain your family with at all the holiday gatherings.
    If that doesn't entice you, I suggest you wrap your kids in saran wrap.
    here to help.

  4. Eww... I'm not a mother, and to me, this sounds just utterly disgusting. I can understand that you're sick of it. Must take a lot of tolerance to deal with it. *slight dry heave*

  5. I forgot about the slobber...


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