It's so sad.

Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, died yesterday after sustaining chest and heart injuries from a short-tail stingray barb while filming an underwater documentary. He leaves behind his wife Terri, his 8 year old daughter Bindi Sue, and his 3 year old son Bob. I can't stop thinking about it. I'm not sure why it is bothering me so much...

Maybe it's because it just seems so ironic and senseless. The guy did dangerous stuff all the time, and this is how he goes out. Apparently, he decided to quickly get some shots for a segment on his daughter's TV show to dispel the myth that stingray are dangerous. It was just a freak accident and a freak accident could happen to any of us. Any time. I find that thought a little disturbing, I have to admit.

Or maybe it's because he had a little boy who won't get to know his daddy now. It seems so tragic that a guy who was a hero to so many children is leaving his own children behind. The only memories his little boy will have of him are the same ones we'll have. The ones on film. It just doesn't seem right that the rest of us get to see the same things his son will see. He should have more than that. It's sad.

Or maybe it's because of my recent thoughts on parental guilt, that sure knowledge that you've made mistakes and you're gonna make even more. A few years ago there was this big uproar cause Steve held his little baby boy while he hand fed a snapping crocodile. A dumb, dangerous, thoughtless thing to do? Absolutely. But was the guy a bad father? I don't think so. In fact, from what little I've seen I'm pretty sure that daddy loved and cherished his little ones with way more passion than the animals he spent his life crusading for.

I can picture the news coverage and photos that would surface if I were a famous parent. Oh sure, I never held my baby in a crocodile enclosure, or dangled him out a window, or drove my car around with him on my lap, but I've done some dumb stuff and if it had been published... With pictures... It would have looked even worse.

I don't know which part bugs me the most... All I know is that it seemed like every link I visited yesterday had that picture of Steve and his baby and the crocodile and it made me sad. It made me sad that someone who lived life with so much passion was killed in a fluke accident. It made me sad that a little boy's hero won't be there when he needs him. It made me sad that a father's mistake seems to have defined his history as a dad.

The only thing that makes me feel a little better is the knowledge that no family judges its members with the cold self-righteousness of the public.


  1. i feel the same way! i can't believe i'm so sad about someone i didn't even know! but i'm sad for all of the reasons you listed.
    it especially irks me how the media is...a good mom like Britney Spears only gets her bad side shown. But what the magazines DON'T say is that the reason we have so many pictures of her & her kid is because she actually SPENDS TIME with him & PARENTS him! instead of always being with the nanny! give her SOME credit i say!!

  2. That was a really wonderful post Becky.

  3. what's nuts about crocodile hunter is that there have only been 17 recorded death by stingrays in the past 100 years... and yet the man who'd been doing this stuff since he was 6 years old gets taken out in one of the rarest ways ever... huh... nuts

  4. Very sad to hear of his passing. And the irony is that he was doing something that was not considered dangerous, as stingrays are normally very placid animals.
    My prayers and thoughts go out to those he has left behind.

  5. Becky, I hope you don't mind but since everyone visits your blog I wanted to just let everyone know that I will not be blogging for a while. I knew of course that blogs are public sites but I didn't really think that people out there would use blogs to find your e mail and write you nasty letters. I won't go into a long spiel about it but until I can find a private site to blog on, I will not be blogging anymore. I also can't seem to view any pictures that are posted and most of you have blogs that don't allow anonymous comments. To those that do allow it, I will still post comments and to those that don't allow it like Abe and Margaret, please don't think I am ignoring you. You can change it to make anonymous people be able to post or not. I'll let you all know when I have a private site. Bye for now.

  6. Becky, this post gave me shivers. What happened was completely awful, and for all the reasons that you said. *shakes head* I watched an episode of Daily Planet dedicated to him yesterday, and I wanted to burst into tears. It was such a fluke accident, something that you would never have thought would have happened. It's sad that they also basically had the entire thing on tape. He was such an amazing human being, and it's so sad to see him leave this world so young.

  7. hey Mitz
    Welcome to my world of blogging. i can only comment on a few sites too. My phone works though call me some time. I know , the line runs both ways and i will call you. my house is very empty and lonley right now. There should be amanual on how to deal with your grandbabies moving far away. Ouch oh does it hurt. everybody who thinks of me and Cindi ,Pray for us.
    Love Sue
    Love Sue

  8. It is just such a shame. I haven't felt this bad since Tony Dungee's son killed himself right before Christmas last year. Tony Dungee is an NFL coach, and a very dedicated Christian, I've heard him on Dr. Dobson. I cried my eyes out when I saw that man walk back on the football field after it had happened and the signs all the fans were holding. What I liked was that not once have I heard bad parenting comments about him. He and his wife loved the Lord, their son was in trouble, he wasn't living with them even though he was just 19. Poor Steve, his poor kids and wife. I will keep praying for him, he's an icon of our generation, and it's sad that he's gone. Auntie Sue, I'll be praying for you too.

  9. Thanks Mel.
    That was probably the hardest good bye of my life so far.
    love you
    Auntie Sue

  10. Oh Auntie Susan that is so sad. Now I am all sad picturing you saying goodbye... I'll bring Ben and Sam over when we come in a few weeks for you to cuddle. I know it won't be the same, but they are warm and slobbery.

  11. You guys can comment as "other" and it puts your name, but not a link to anything... Just like I just did... If you want? Whichever. Sorry you got a nasty email Aunty Mitz.


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