Montreal Shootings

Just this once, I agree with a politician, "... it's hard to come to grips with the case of an individual who is prepared to end his life while killing strangers." (Stephen Harper)

I've had my mind on 9/11 all week and so the shootings in Montreal seem particularly baffling to me. What is wrong with people? Who kills for fun? 9/11 was insane. Knowing there are people out there who planned and killed a whole bunch of people they didn't know is horrifying to me. But somehow this recent shooting seems even worse to me. At least the al Qaeda murderers thought they had a cause. This murderer seems to have just done it because he felt like it. He thought it would be cool. I can't imagine what the murdered girl's family feels like today. How do you process the death of a loved one for absolutely no reason? Someone took away someone they cherish... Just because. I can't wrap my mind around it. I haven't even cried about it yet, which, if you know me, is weird. I'm sure I will, but right now the only thing going through my mind over and over is, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?" My head knows all the answers, but my heart is having trouble keeping up.


  1. The situations in Montreal are just so so sad. My heart just clenches up and I want to cry. My thought was, "what goes on in a person, in their childhood, in their relationships, that gets them to the point that they'd grab a gun and go into a college and kill total strangers, and then himself. What goes wrong in a person that makes them get to that point. Who's child was that? What do they feel like? Do they feel anything at all? Who was that person who got to that point" I know it's crazy, but in these scenarios, I wonder about the murderers more than I do about the kids. They were just people going about their lives, they didn't do anything wrong, but for the grace of God I could be that shooter. What makes us different? I don't like these things for many reasons, but near the top of the list is the amount of introspection they bring.

  2. A great quote by Stephen Harper, I agree. Situations like this are completely and utterly mind-boggling to me. I'll be one to admit that I've felt depressed and awful, and I've somewhat considered taking my own life (stupid, I know), but I don't think that I could ever actually kill another human being. I just don't understand what has to be going through someone's mind for them to not only consider it, but to actually go through with it. Sure, life sucks, but how much does life have to suck for someone to actually go out and kill other people like that? It's something I don't know if I'll ever comprehend.

  3. I find it amazing that one person can all of a sudden, grab a gun and then indiscriminently start shooting people. He apparantly had a bunch of photos on a blog at (This is what they reported on the news.) Pictures of him and his guns, and also one of him with a "Crocodile Dundee" looking knife. Who or what do we contribute to this guys actions? I think there are too many areas to just narrow it down to one thing, like the media seems to be doing.

  4. just to save people the frustration... i was curious and doing a little research... the webmaster of erased everything to do with the dude about 2 minutes after it hit the press fans... so, don't bother looking for it


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