Tales of Toddler Talk

The other night at Mom and Dad's... Ben was having some trouble sleeping. Ang finally handed him off to me at around 5:45 am after trying to get him back to sleep for around an hour. I took him into bed with me and made him lie down. We had some nice music playing and the room was mostly dark. Very restful. Very calming. Suddenly, Ben sits up and looks at me lying beside him and says, "I like to move it, move it." It pretty much went downhill from there.

The other day at Mom and Dad's... Ben was playing with some toys while Mom and I were visiting in the livingroom. Out of nowhere he starts begging, "Want some little sin? Want da little sin? Little sin? Sin? Sin! Sin?" We could'nt figure out what he wanted. Since we haven't got to the sin part of his theological education, we were pretty sure he wasn't trying to purchase an indulgence. We also eliminated the sun, Sam, and the Sims as other possibilities. We couldn't figure it out and had to let him cry a bit before he got over his sin fixation. It bugs me when I can't figure things out and so I tried to puzzle it out over the next couple days with no results. It was on our way home from Saskatoon that I finally got my answer. The boys both have colds and as I was giving Sam a dose of cough medicine Ben begged, "Want the little sin? Want the sin?" Ahhh. Little sin = Medi cine. Got it.


  1. Hey....wasn't the little sin thing at my place while we were eating McDonalds and watching Treehouse?

    You're just like Jonathan...he tells me stories that he supposedly heard from someone else that I actually told him the day before. Then he proceeds to argue with me about who he actually heard the story from.

  2. Yeah, he did it first at Mom and Dad's and then at your house too. He's a nut job. I think he gets it from his mother.

  3. LOL That's cute. Kids are funny people.

  4. That is too cute. Ethan does that to me all the time. He askes me something and I just stare at him with a blank look and try to distract him with a cookie. Sometimes it works, other times he has to live with me just not having a clue. Poor little guy.
    Auntie Mitz

  5. The other day I went shopping with David and Carolyn and the boys and Ethan was trying to ask me something. I was reading him a book while David and Carolyn were shopping so I couldn't turn to them for assistance. I tried to guess what it was he was saying. He got frustrated with me very quickyl and said, "Meemo, that not funny." I returned to reading. LOL

  6. It's sometimes a full time job just trying to figure out what they are saying.On days like that, I usually tried to have them point out what they wanted. Course that didn't always work either.

  7. LOL. When Ethan was here I could never understand anything he said. I needed Carolyn to decode everything for me. I was telling her that I understood EVERYTHING Ben said and that's when he came up with the whole little sin thing to make me look like a lier.


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