This isn't what I ordered.

Life is such a crazy mixture of joy and crap, sometimes it's hard to know whether you are happy or devastated. At least that's how I feel right now.

My "Uncle" Doft and "Auntie" Carolyn are here visiting from BC with their adorable kiddies. For those of you who aren't family you should know that Doft (or David) is only three months older than me and Carolyn is around 5 years younger... 4 years? I don't know. Either way I never call either of them Auntie or Uncle unless I am being a pain and trying to make them feel old. (It's hard to do too, cause they're all cute and hip. Do people still say hip?) I have tons of pictures of the family and all our boys together. I am always so happy to be with them. (I think I want them to be my pets too. I wonder how Ang will react to having new pets in the house? She's so used to living in a one pet home. I hope she doesn't retaliate by peeing on the carpet and clawing at my drapes. Maybe if I keep them in the basement for a while first... They can sniff at eachother through the crack under the door to get sort of used to the idea of living together.)

I wouldn't expect to see any pictures or new posts for a while though. Ben and Sam are both sick and I expect I will be suffering along with them fairly soon. The snot is flowing, the eyes are glassy, the skin is warm, and the moans are frequent. Poor little guys.

We "celebrated" Ang's birthday tonight. Ben and Sam were miserable and then happy, and then really miserable and then ecstatically happy, and then miserable some more and then... Well you get the picture. Sick kids are so funny. It's amazing how quickly they can flip their happy/sad, or tired/hyper switches. I think Ben must have flipped his 40 or 50 times at the bowling alley alone. I'm not sure if it was a fun time that ended to soon or an exhausting trial that went on way too long.

All this to say I am reeling from this week at home. Nice things have happened and heartbreaking things have happened. I think I could easily go to bed and cry for an hour or two and still not feel quite whole again and yet I feel like smiling from the pleasure of spending time with the people I love most in this whole world. I guess that's just the way life goes. You order joy and it always gets served with a little paper container of crap.


  1. Oh yeah... If you read this before Sunday and you get a moment, pray for safety and happy kids on our drive home. (Or at least sleepy kids... Yeah, sleepy kids would be great.)

  2. I already prayed for you and your family, for safety, restored health and sleepy boys for the ride home. I totally understand the joy with the crap thrown in. Our trip to Saskatchewan was wonderful, but could not have been complete without a bit of crap thrown in on our trip home.

  3. I just think of that old saying...'for everything you gain, there's something lost'. I don't know if it is always true but for some reason it seems that way a lot of the time. I hope your trip home was good. I can't pray about that as it is Monday morning already but I will pray right now that God will restore health to your family.:)
    Auntie Mitz


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