This World Would Be So Much Better if We Could JUST Get Rid of the Stupid People

Will someone PLEASE come to Dorkton and explain to the drivers here how a four way stop works? WHY IS IT that every time I want to turn left at one there is some BRAINLESS WONDER who is going straight through who thinks THEY have the right of way even though I stopped before they did? (Seriously. How do these people even manage to turn their cars on with only empty spaces where their brains should be?)

You know what makes me the maddest? What just PUSHES ME OVER THE EDGE? They always makes this dumb "I'm going straight so I have the right of way" gesture at me. Like I'm the stupid one. I'm clenching up just thinking about it. If they just weren't paying attention I could get over it. But they actually think they should get to go first.

I wanna know WHO TAUGHT THESE PEOPLE DRIVER'S ED? And where is he, cause I wanna clean his clock for him. Shine it right up. Make his clock so clean you could eat off of it. Glen never lets me follow these people home to explain to them how four way stops work. (Whoever stops first goes first. If you stop at the same time then you yield to the person going straight or to the person on the right. It's so simple. IT'S SO STINKIN SIMPLE PEOPLE!!!) One of these days when he isn't in the car I'm gonna though. I JUST WANT TO SO BAD. I NEED TO.


If I ever win the lottery I'm gonna buy myself an island and no stupid people will be allowed on it. Or at least they won't be allowed to drive. They'll have to walk. And sometimes if I feel like it, I'll drive a couple of them down.

(I keep picturing that dummy making that gesture at me and it keeps making me mad. I should have followed him. I'm gonna go make a post about Ben to cheer myself up.)


  1. I think those people came from BC. They don't know how to use a 4 way stop out here either but it's because they are all old and while they are waiting for thier turn to go, they fall asleep so you sit and wait for them forever and when you finally get sick of waiting, you go and at that exact time, they wake up and just boot it through right at the same time. Arrrgggg!!!
    Auntie Mitz


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