Thrush... AGAIN

This is the fourth time in Sam's short life that we have had to deal with thrush. For those of you who don't know what it is I'm not going into details here but basically right now it means that when Sam nurses it feels like he's sucking acid out of me. And the acid has little nails in it. And someone is hitting me in the chest with a big hammer.

I'm all blistered. I seriously feel and look like I've been burned. Even my clothes hurt.

... And every three hours or so Sam gets hungry and he comes at me all freaky excited and breathing heavy. And I'm supposed to put my poor damaged "part" (for Dad's sake I won't say nipple... oops I said it) into that gaping mouth. Sometimes I cry a little.

I think maybe it's time to quit nursing. This is getting out of hand.

Plus Sam is grouchy again cause it upsets his little tummy. There. All done whining.


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