Wise up people!

All right chakins! I love you all, but there is this one tiny thing that I really need to discuss with you. (All the men run from the room because I said the "D" word.)

I get a few kinds of emails on a regular basis:

  1. A plea for me to forward the email to all of my friends and family because some child is lost or kidnapped or has cancer or needs help with a school project or whatever... They need my help.
  2. A plea for me to please forward the email to all of my friends and family because some crazy criminal has come up with a new scam to steal my money or murder me or sexually assault me or whatever... He's done it before and he's gonna do it again so I need to warn all the people I love.
  3. A plea with me to forward the email to all of my friends because something morally reprehensible is happening and I must sign and email the petition it includes to my list of contacts... It's the only thing that can stop it.
  4. An invitation for me to forward the email to a certain number of my friends and family with a promise of either a monetary or humorous reward if I do... I need to send it or I'll be missing out.

People. For the most part these things are hoaxes. HOAXES I tell you! You've been had! You've been told you are a bad Christian or a bad friend or you will suffer horrible luck. You've been promised that something funny will happen or you'll receive a whole crap load of cash. And even worse, in my opinion, you've sent this hoax to all of the people you know and put them in the line of fire. If only you'd done one simple little thing...

Copy and paste a piece of that email. Put quotation marks around it. Stick it in the Google search box. Hit search. Watch as numerous web sites are listed proclaiming that the email you are about to send to me is the truth or just a figment of someone's imagination.

Here is an example:

Subject: FW: shocking information about Jesus

Hello Everyone, If the Muslims do what they do, where do we stand as Christians? At the risk of a bit of inconvenience, I'm forwarding this to all I think would appreciate it too. Please help us prevent such offences against our Lord. It will take you 4 minutes! If you are not interested, and do not have the 4 Minutes it will take to do this, please don't complain when God does not have time for you, because He is far busier than we are. A disgusting film set to appear in America later this year depicts Jesus and his disciples as homosexuals! As a play, this has already been in theatres for a while. It's called"Corpus Christi" which means "The Christ Body." It's a revolting mockery of our Lord. But we can make a difference. That's why I am sending this e-mail to you. Will you please add your name to the bottom of the list at the end of this e-mail? If you do, we will be able to prevent this film from showing in America and South Africa. Hey, it's worth a shot! Apparently, some regions in Europe have already banned the film. All we need is a lot of signatures! Remember, Jesus said "Deny me on earth and I'll deny you Before my Father". Hit forward, and when it comes up, delete any e-mail addresses, fill in whom you want to send it to, scroll down to the last name (mine) and add yours to the list . When it reaches 500 please send to:

Thanks & regards,
(And then a big long list of people who have been HAD.)

Sigh. I'm not even going to address the part where it says if you don't have time for God maybe He won't have time for you either... I think you all can guess what I think of that load of stinking bull. (Wait. I will say one thing. Remember when Jesus was dying on the cross? I'm thinking he was busy then. Remember that guy next to him asking Jesus to remember him? I'm thinking if it was me hanging there, some guy who'd sinned all his life and was only rethinking it because he was a couple hours away from death would have ticked me right off and inspired a "You never had time for me before, so now I don't have time for you either. Na naa, na na na." Good thing God isn't as petty as we are. What? No. Yeah!) Where was I?

Here are some of the links that came up when I googled this little number:


Aside from my issues with using guilt to manipulate people, there is the undeniable fact that these emails are almost always a load of hooey. I've seen two, count them, two emails like these in my life that were for real. One was the amber alert for the little Saskatchewan boy who got abducted, which I didn't google cause I already knew about it. The other was one from Carolyn, about the ecoli in the bagged salad, which I did google and it turned out to be true. (I had to throw out some bagged spinach cause of that email, so I guess maybe Carolyn saved my life!!!)

People. If you google it and it's for real, don't hesitate to send it to me. If you google it and it's a hoax, then do us all a favor and delete it. If you are too lazy to google it then please be too lazy to send it to everyone on your contact list. Aside from the fact that it's irritating, lots of people don't even read these things cause they get so many and so when real alerts come out they might miss information they need to know... Like the fact that my bag of spinach could have KILLED US ALL! (Okay, maybe not killed us, but it might have made us sick. And definately not us all, since I'm the only one who likes spinach in this house.)

Make google your friend. It's easy. It's quick. And you won't look like a dick. (Sorry, couldn't help myself. I love rhymes.)

Want more info? Check out this link:


  1. LOL. I just remembered a comment I wrote on here the other day. And I quote, "...this blog is not intended to be a lecturn where I can preach all the stuff I know to the masses." Heh heh. I guess I lied. Forgive me?

  2. i just delete them. i delet them all without even reading it. if its a forward i don't even read the subjeclt line...unless its from becky then i always read it. i guess i'm a horrible friend because i hate those ones...if you love me you will send this back to me crap. i don't even read the forwards that say this is a funny joke....read it....bla. sorry auntie susan...no offence. lol.

  3. Amazing, Becky.
    I most certainly will Google it.
    Thanks, for your help and information.
    And yes, Becky, we forgive you.
    We are all guilty.

  4. Anonymous,

    You need a name. You should pick one. I like to call myself... Nope. Not telling. Or maybe I will just call you Anna for short.

  5. I accept.
    Like Anna in the temple before the birth of Jesus, I look forward to His coming.

  6. Becky,
    I'm really not sure where that e-mail came from, but I have never seen it before! Sorry, wasn't a forward from me! Just wanted to clear this up for all:)


  7. I delete them too. I hate forwards.I even deleted the bagged salad one, since everything gets you sick these days anyway. Glad to hear about it on your blog. My mom sends me them and I never read them, not even from my own poor mother. I don't want a picture of a kitty in a hat, or to hear that the last thing a dying kid wanted was to have his name in a million e mail subject lines. C'mon now. And I don't think God will reject me because I didn't stop a movie about him being gay, as though I could. Don't even get me started on Christians getting up on their high horses about movies, since Brokeback Mountain. I could go for days. Wait, I am going for days. Good post Becky!

  8. I completely despise forwards. I unfortunately opened one of them and ended up seeing the backside of a naked man. Honestly, I did NOT want to see soft-core porn in the morning!! Well, not ever, actually, but right in the morning is the worst.

    So many of those things are crap!! And what I hate about them the most is that you usually get them from people that don't send you any other emails otherwise. I mean, with those 10 forwards that you sent, you could have actually written me an email! A real personal message written by yourself. I know someone like that, I've never gotten an actual email from them, only these crappy forwards. So I wrote them back saying how much I hate these things and how they're all hoaxes, and if she wrote me an actual email, I'd be happy to talk to her. She never emailed me back. *shrug*

  9. Becky, you're my hero! So many people get suckered into (or guilted into) forwarding these emails without realising how badly they are being used by someone else. Some hoaxes are classed as computer viruses. They are not classed as such because you can infect your computer, but because in taking part in forwarding the email to everyone you know, YOU become the computer virus. In some cases whole internet servers have had to shut down due to massive forwarding of some garbage email that everyone fell for. Even worse can be the petitions. "Send this email back to me once the list has reached 500 names & emails." You think those emails are being put on a petition? Wrong! Your name and all your friends have just been sold to about a dozen different companies all eager to send you email ads about whatever crap they sell. Don't be surprised if you find your inbox full of spam the next day. So keep on forwarding emails without Googling them! Somewhere out there, someone is laughing at you as you earn their next pay check for them.

    (P.S.: I love you, Becky! Any thoughts on supper? ;-)

  10. I tend to not forward e-mails. If I keep getting forwards from people, I politely send them an e-mail to tell them not to send me anymore. If they continue sending forwards, I sometimes block the people sending them. lol

  11. I have to admit to you all... I used to forward the stuff too. I even sent out that one that said Bill Gates would give me money if I did. (Which has apparently been around for a loooooong time and would have made even Mr. Gates completely broke if it were true.) It was Glen and Johnny that wised me up first by showing me the little google trick. Before that I always figured... Well it might be true... What does it really hurt to try? (Except I looked like a dick, which isn't too big of a deal since I frequently look like a dick.)


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