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Once Again... I can't resist.

I feel like I've been posting way too often lately. It's all quantity over quality stuff too, but I got this cartoon from Aunty Carol and it's my favorite so here it is...

Ha ha. Makes me laugh every time I look at it. I must also point out the absense of Christmas decorations. Even Peter Peter is sane enough to know putting pumpkins with baby Jesus is crossing some kind of line.

Now. No more new posts... Until tomorrow at LEAST! I've gotta start pacing myself.

Silent Night, Holyween Night

Please tell me that I am not the only one who thinks this is a little nutters. No wait... Please tell me that I am not the only one who thinks this is completely, outrageously, keeping-dead-pets-in-your-deep-freeze nutters. (And you thought it just happened in cartoon world...)

Ben Goes To The Dentist: Part Two

Okay. Contrary to what Ben might tell you, it wasn't that bad. Ben started crying as soon as we walked into the office. Apparently the sight of people sitting in a room with just a whole bunch of chairs makes him feel the same way it makes me feel. What do you say to your toddler when he begs you, "No guy, no guy!" over and over? Do you lie and tell him there's no guy? I don't know what you do, but I did. Do I regret it in this moment of peace and calmness? Yes. Would I do it again? Probably. Anyways, he does have the start of two cavities on his front teeth, but the dentist doesn't recommend doing anything with them at this point since apparently fillings don't stick to baby teeth very well. We'll go back next year at around the same time... Sigh. I am a teeth freak and knowing Ben has cavities is gonna drive me batty. Oh well, it's over. Now all I am left with is the guilt that comes from knowing I didn't brush his teeth enough.

Ben Goes To The Dentist: Part One

My stomach is churning. My palms are sweating. I've got that shaky feeling like I've just sat down for a job interview.

Ben has his very first dentist appointment today. Actually, it's in about half an hour. I am not predicting it will go well.

The kid freaks out when he gets a haircut. This is going to be brutal.

He hates it when we brush his teeth. We have to pin him down. As a result of this we don't brush his teeth as often as we should, so on top of dreading Ben's reaction to being pinned down in a chair while a stranger pokes around in his mouth, I am also dreading the diagnosis. A friend of mine recently took her 3 year old for his first appointment and the kid has 5 cavities that will have to be filled while her little guy is rendered unconscious with anesthetic. Oh the horror. I have mentioned how I feel about anesthetic in the past and the thought of Ben being put under... Deep breaths Becky, deep breaths.

It's Blogtacular!

Since I've never been afraid of tooting my own horn I think you all need to know that I fancied up Shirley's blog. Go take a look. Toot toot!

Message From Ben To Dada

I watched the black guy all by myself. It wasn't the same.
How bout... You come home?

Just a little scribble in Your hand...

The other day I finally had our basement all clean and nice. I even washed down all of Ben's toys and organized them. I love it when I can get everything exactly how I want it. Sadly, while I had my back turned, Ben helped himself to a Jiffy marker from a desk drawer and proceeded to quietly decorate some toys, his tent, and a chair we had just bought. It's no wonder that I often find myself saying to Glen, "Why can't we have anything nice? Why does everything I like get wrecked?" Because I have kids and I'm clumsy, that's why.

I think that's why I like my blog so much. Even before I fancied it all up it was a place where I could have things how I wanted them. I can tweak and fiddle with my posts all I like and no one can mess with them. I can say exactly what I want to say, most of the time, and spell check too. Sometimes... Now try not to judge me... Sometimes I publish and re-publish my posts over and over till they are just right. I don't like …

My 100th Post

I missed my 100th post. I never even noticed that it was my 100th post and I missed the chance to throw a party or something for my posts. Shirley was here yesterday and she wants to fancy up her template for her 100th post, and I realized that I never noticed my 100th post had come and gone. So I figure it's better late than never, and in honor of my 100th post I am gonna re-post my 100th post. I counted up all of my posts up and imagine my surprise when the following post turned out to be my 100th post. I think this post is actually a fairly good representation of a typical post here at alittlestone. So here is my 100th post. (I wanted to say post 100 times in this post, but so far I have only said post 17 times. So the post joke isn't working out as well as I hoped it would... 18. What can you do?)


2 Random Thoughts

1. I love putting through the first 2 loads of laundry. There are no clothes to take out of the dryer and there's no folding to do …

Yoiks that took long.

Well, it's finally up and running. Benjamin has a new home and I think I am officially tired of fussing with templates. On the upside I have noticed that I seem to be smarter than when I started all of this... As far as all the computering goes anyways... I wouldn't say I was smarter overall, especially since the part that took the longest amount of time was picking the colors. Uhhh... Green? Or how about green? Maybe I'll try... Green. (Ho man. Don't try counting all of the grammar errors in that paragraph. It boggles the mind.)

Anyways, to go with his new look he has a new address:
And I'm done.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Once again, it's time for one of my very favorite Christmas traditions. Operation Christmas Child is collecting shoe boxes filled with toys in your area. If you don't know where to go or how to pack a box then click this link and you can find a drop off center close to you! Time is running short so get yourself down to Walmart and go shopping. If you don't feel like it then make sure you watch this video for some motivation. Just to further inspire you, or guilt trip you, I'm not above using guilt, here is a picture of Glen's and my Christmas gifts...

See? We did it. If we can do it, you can do it. It's so easy and you get to shop and just think... Those two boxes are going to be in the hands of childen who might have never had Christmas presents before. I can just picture them in their fancy new hats...

I can't hold it in any longer.

I've been waiting for permission to do this. I've been wanting to post this picture for a while now, but I thought I should wait, till I got an email today with a new blog address for me to visit and the very picture that I've been longing to post was on it:

Look at that baby! Look at that mommy! Aren't they just so beautiful you want to cry??? For those of you who don't recognize the mommy in this picture, she is my dear friend Angela McMurray (formerly Kasper) who I met in 1993, during my first summer working at Redberry Bible Camp. Here she is again with her amazing husband Todd(ler) and the newest addition to their family, little Truan Just McMurray. He was born on October 5 after only an hour of labor and some frantic driving to the hospital. I can't imagine Angerama having a baby any other way actually.

I thought that there would be someofyou out there who would like to see these pictures and a link to Truan's blog. It's a good one. Let me tantalize…

Some days.

Some days you wonder why you bother picking up anything.
Some days you ask yourself why you bothered making lunch when you know your kids aren't going to eat more than one or two bites.
Some days you think you'll go nuts if you have to watch Hurry Up Franklin even one. more. time.
Some days you have a very clear understanding of how shaken baby syndrome happens.
Some days you wish you could get in your car alone and drive for a long time.

Not me... Of course not me... Other people probably do... But never me.

Ha ha.

Ever notice how at this time of year you can walk down an aisle at Walmart and the Halloween stuff is on one side and the Christmas stuff is on the other? I hate that. On so many levels. I never thought I'd think it was funny till Aunty Carol sent me this cartoon. I particularly like the Pilgrim ghost... Ha ha. He's going to shoot himself a big fat turkey. (Or protect his trick or treating stash from the savages.)

Wife-ish. I feel house wife-ish.

I don't know why, but doing laundry makes me feel like a house wife. Cleaning doesn't do it for me. Watching the kids doesn't do it for me. Cooking dinner doesn't do it for me. Even Oprah and bon bons doesn't do it for me. For some reason the act of putting things through the laundry and then folding them, and occasionally even putting them away, makes me feel like a traditional 1950's housewife, only without the high heels and the lipstick.

Oh, and in the grand tradition of Marc, this one time only, I am giving a star to the person who can identify the television show I miss-quoted in my title.

Time for some fluff.

HowManyOfMe.comThere is:
person with my name
in the U.S.A.
How many have your name?
I found this little bit of fluff on Becky's site... It got me to thinking... I wonder... Prepare yourselves, this is gonna be deep... I wonder how many of me there are in Canada. And also, I looked up Glen's name and there is only one of him in the states too. I wonder... Get ready for it... I wonder if they are married? Wouldn't that be freaky? I wonder if at least they know eachother cause they might you know. There aren't that many Willems out there. We're the only Willems in all of Yorkton. I'd think it was awesome except that since people here already walk around in a constant state of confusion, trying to spell out our last name is often a very frustrating endeavor. I looked up Dad's name too, and Ang's. There's a crap load of John Braun's in the States, and I bet there are way more in Canada. Way more. Someone with a whole bunch of time on their hands and exc…


My pastor and his wife are having a stinker of a week. They were good friends with Shantelle so of course they took a trip to Moose Jaw for her funeral. Then this morning Harv's dad had a heart attack and now they need to make a trip to Winnipeg. So send a prayer their way okay?

How come?

A while ago... A long while ago... I mentioned a friend of a friend who had been diagnosed with a very serious form of cancer. Shantelle and her husband Jo are the pastoral couple of an MB church in Moose Jaw. When she was first diagnosed the doctors told her she probably wouldn't live for more than a day or two, but she did. She lived, and she fought, and she loved and praised God through a whole year of living and fighting. This summer she took a break from treatments and this fall she had some special tests done to see how she was doing... AND THE CANCER WAS GONE! Shantelle now had the daunting task of coming to terms with the life stretching in front of her. She struggled with her fears and her insecurities (she wrote them all down on this blog), she comforted and encouraged her 8 year old daughter, and she started to imagine a life and her place in it...

But suddenly, last week Thursday, she died of a brain aneurysm. Like everyone around me I am wondering why. How can you not…

Sam's New Home

Well, giving birth to Sam didn't take as long as doing up his blog, but it's done people. I might be all blogged out for a while now so I don't know when Ben's is gonna get all gussied up. I moved it to a new address while I was at it:

Go take a look. I think it's fabulous!

It's funny cause it's true.

Your Monster Profile Behemoth Fiend
You Feast On: Pickles
You Lurk Around: Public Restrooms
You Especially Like to Torment: British People
What's Your Monster Name?

So true... So true... Just ask Toni.

It's new and terrible to me.

Norwalk virus
Dr. Ray Baker

"From all the recent media coverage one would think Norwalk virus was something new and terrible, but it's neither. One of the more common causes of viral gastroenteritis or the vomiting and diarrhea we sometimes call "stomach flu", Norwalk-like viruses have probably been with us a very long time. Because it's so small we were only able to identify it and the other common viruses that cause viral gastroenteritis since the early 1970's.

It is spread from the digestive tracts of infected humans via fecal contamination and oral ingestion, to other susceptible humans. Once in the bowel the virus infects the cells lining the small intestine. After a brief period of rapid viral replication within these cells, they are destroyed, allowing fluids and salts to leak from the body into the gut, causing viral-laden watery diarrhea.

Epidemics have been traced to oysters harvested from beds near sites of improper sewage disposal, contaminated sourc…

Leaf me alone.

I love fall. I would gladly get rid of all of the other seasons if it could be fall forever. As a result of this seasonal favoritism I want some cute pictures of my boys "enjoying" the fall. Is that too much to ask? Apparently. I think we had our crankiest ever photo shoots last week. See for yourselves:

Actually, I did manage to get some that were a little nicer, but I'll post them on the boys' blogs since these ones more accurately represent how the day felt for me. Sigh. I would have loved a picture of the two of them together, but I couldn't make them sit together long enough to get even a bad picture.

The LONG Weekend

Why is it that going to Saskatoon is always so easy and coming home is almost impossible? I'm not talking about my desire to go home either. (Cause we all know how I feel about coming home to Yorkton.) I'm talking about actual physical things happening to make the trip home to Yorkton a nightmare time and time again.

One time... The three hour trip took us almost six hours. Six hours people. If you are mathematically challenged let me break it down for you... That's double the time people. DOUBLE. It always seems to storm on the way home and the boys are never happy. Never.

This weekend on the way to Saskatoon the boys slept most of the way and the rest of the time they happily looked at the scenery or sang or chatted about the things that a two year old and a five month old chat about. On the way back? They cried. A lot. They also spilled food, smeared food, and puked on themselves.

On the way to Saskatoon we seemed to barely use any gas, and there were no major catastroph…

Awww sick.

The suckiest thing about being a stay at home mommy is that you can't call in sick for work. In the words of my favorite toddler, "It's not too fair." I feel like caw caw. I want to got to bed, and I don't want any kids in there with me. Who wants some kids? I got two of them... Free to a good home. Any takers?

A Journey Into the Wild

When I first stumbled across a photo of a Toddler tiger in a wildlife magazine at the dentist, I was spellbound. This fierce, but small tiger was one of the most extraordinary creatures on the planet, but it hadn't been seen or photographed since 2005, and most scientists considered it extinct. Undaunted, I joined forces with my friend, the photographer Myself McMee, and headed for the island of Braun in search of this elusive beast. As we journeyed through the island's intoxicating landscapes, we encountered an array of odd and fascinating characters: tiny screaming baby-like creatures, and gentle grazing beasts feeding their young or in search of chips and Pepsi... But it was the Toddler tiger I was longing to see and capture on film.

We had been tracking the tiger by following the trail of toys and chaos it left in its wake and as evening approached we neared the island's main source of fresh water. Our excitement built up as we realized the tiger had moved into the open…

No reason...

Just 'cause they are so cute... And as much as Sam loves being outside and Ben loves playing with ladybugs, I love looking at my buddies.