Ben Goes To The Dentist: Part One

My stomach is churning. My palms are sweating. I've got that shaky feeling like I've just sat down for a job interview.

Ben has his very first dentist appointment today. Actually, it's in about half an hour. I am not predicting it will go well.

The kid freaks out when he gets a haircut. This is going to be brutal.

He hates it when we brush his teeth. We have to pin him down. As a result of this we don't brush his teeth as often as we should, so on top of dreading Ben's reaction to being pinned down in a chair while a stranger pokes around in his mouth, I am also dreading the diagnosis. A friend of mine recently took her 3 year old for his first appointment and the kid has 5 cavities that will have to be filled while her little guy is rendered unconscious with anesthetic. Oh the horror. I have mentioned how I feel about anesthetic in the past and the thought of Ben being put under... Deep breaths Becky, deep breaths.


  1. He's in the chair right now...and I am praying!

    I had a dentist appoint this morning. It was misery. I kept thinking..."If Ben can do it, I can do it!!"

    Hope that it went well.

  2. Oh golly - that does sound scary!

  3. I delivered the bug.
    did you get it?
    where were you?

  4. I didn't know it was your bug. I crushed it in a kleenex and flushed it down the toilet.

  5. you .. are cold.. and heartless.

    but I forgive you.
    : )


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