Ben Goes To The Dentist: Part Two

Okay. Contrary to what Ben might tell you, it wasn't that bad. Ben started crying as soon as we walked into the office. Apparently the sight of people sitting in a room with just a whole bunch of chairs makes him feel the same way it makes me feel. What do you say to your toddler when he begs you, "No guy, no guy!" over and over? Do you lie and tell him there's no guy? I don't know what you do, but I did. Do I regret it in this moment of peace and calmness? Yes. Would I do it again? Probably.
Anyways, he does have the start of two cavities on his front teeth, but the dentist doesn't recommend doing anything with them at this point since apparently fillings don't stick to baby teeth very well. We'll go back next year at around the same time... Sigh. I am a teeth freak and knowing Ben has cavities is gonna drive me batty. Oh well, it's over. Now all I am left with is the guilt that comes from knowing I didn't brush his teeth enough.


  1. i put noah down to bed then i read your post.

    i woke noah up to brush his teeth cause i forgot to before bed.

    i forget to brush his teeth....a lot.


  2. I remind my girls every night to brush their teeth, but i think the damage was done long before they were my girls. Poor Ben. I hope that as he gets older brushing will become a little less frightening.

  3. Awe poor Ben. I can hear his voice right now in my head. I love how it shoots up high at the guYYYYYEEEEE! He's a brave little man.

  4. The first dentist visit can sure be stressful. I would not worry, as his baby teeth will fall out anyway.

  5. When Jonny was about 3, he got the mumps. I was up all night with him trying to get his fever down. In the morning I took him to the doctor and he cried all the way to the office and in the office. He was sick and he just kept saying " I'll be good Dad, I'll be good." He just didn't understand and he was so scared of anybody in a white smock. Even now when I picture his face, my eyes blur. I am so glad I didn't have to take Ben to the dentist. We would never have made it, we would have stopped at Tim's and got a chocolate gonut instead.


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