I can't hold it in any longer.

I've been waiting for permission to do this. I've been wanting to post this picture for a while now, but I thought I should wait, till I got an email today with a new blog address for me to visit and the very picture that I've been longing to post was on it:

Look at that baby! Look at that mommy! Aren't they just so beautiful you want to cry??? For those of you who don't recognize the mommy in this picture, she is my dear friend Angela McMurray (formerly Kasper) who I met in 1993, during my first summer working at Redberry Bible Camp. Here she is again with her amazing husband Todd(ler) and the newest addition to their family, little Truan Just McMurray. He was born on October 5 after only an hour of labor and some frantic driving to the hospital. I can't imagine Angerama having a baby any other way actually.

I thought that there would be some of you out there who would like to see these pictures and a link to Truan's blog. It's a good one. Let me tantalize you with my favorite quote from Truan's first post, as he shared his feelings about his first day of life outside the womb... "I was getting turned over more than the football at Rider games." Good stuff.

I hope Ang forgives me for going ahead with this even though I never got an official go ahead... I have just been bursting with joy for days and couldn't wait to share the news any longer!


  1. Aren't newborns so great. he is gorgeous. Have fun when you finally meet him Becky.
    Auntie Sue

  2. yippeeeee. I'm sure her blog will be very interesting.

  3. thanks so much for letting me know! i didn't know she was having a little peanut! i'll go over there and say congrats!!

  4. I love newborns, cause at that stage of their life they aren't lippy!!

  5. I can't believe you did this without permission! heehee! You're so bad! But your post is so sweet that I'm not going to get mad! Truan can't wait to meet his Auntie Becky, Uncle Glen and new little friends Ben & Sam!


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