It's Blogtacular!

Since I've never been afraid of tooting my own horn I think you all need to know that I fancied up Shirley's blog. Go take a look. Toot toot!


  1. anytime you are bored & want to fiddle with mine - i'm TOTALLY up for that! :) great job dear.

  2. Hi, Becky. I just wanted to let you know that via Scotty D's link to you, I've been checking in on your blog now and then. I've decided to join the blogging bandwagon and my blog address is:
    Hope you visit sometime.
    Take care,
    Kim Arendt (used to be Kim Derksen)

  3. Free advertising!! Yippee!!!

  4. I went and had a look. Although I have no idea how it looked before, because you did it it is fantastic.

    You may need to go into the blog template business!!

  5. The only thing is... I can make them look good, but I am really just bungling my way through the template leaving chaos and destruction in my wake.

  6. That's really pretty! Good work. I like the green. Hey, I've been trying to spruce up mine, but can't figure out the colors numbers. I know black is 666...any way I can find out what the rest are?

  7. Glen knows what all the numbers stand for and can make up his own colors, he tried to teach me once... I find it much easier to use Adobe Photo Shop. I pick the color I want, then I select it and a little screen pops up. In the bottom corner of that screen is a 6 digit number (with letters sometimes) that you can copy and paste into your blog. This works expecially well if you want to pick a color to match a picture or something. Use the eyedropper tool, select the color, and copy and paste.

  8. Yeah, I do the same as Becky. I know that #FFFFFF is white. Hurrah. Good job, Becky, looks great!


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