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The other day I finally had our basement all clean and nice. I even washed down all of Ben's toys and organized them. I love it when I can get everything exactly how I want it. Sadly, while I had my back turned, Ben helped himself to a Jiffy marker from a desk drawer and proceeded to quietly decorate some toys, his tent, and a chair we had just bought. It's no wonder that I often find myself saying to Glen, "Why can't we have anything nice? Why does everything I like get wrecked?" Because I have kids and I'm clumsy, that's why.

I think that's why I like my blog so much. Even before I fancied it all up it was a place where I could have things how I wanted them. I can tweak and fiddle with my posts all I like and no one can mess with them. I can say exactly what I want to say, most of the time, and spell check too. Sometimes... Now try not to judge me... Sometimes I publish and re-publish my posts over and over till they are just right. I don't like it when a paragraph ends with only one or two words on the last line like


...So if any of my paragraphs end like that I go back into the post and I shorten or lengthen them till it looks nice. (I told you, don't judge me.) Then, I can leave my blog and come back later and all of my paragraphs are still there just how I left them. No child with a Jiffy marker can come along and do this to it:

I love that. I also love that I get to talk. I'm big on talking, as anyone who knows me knows, and being a stay at home mommy doesn't provide very many opportunities for adult conversation. Most of my conversations during the day sound a lot like this:

"Don't take the toy from Sammy, give it back. Do you want to play dinosaurs with me? Let's put the dinosaur in this car and he can go for a drive. Raaaaaa! The dinosaur is driving! You drive the car. The dinosaur can come in the car with you. No, Daddy can't come in the car. Daddy is at work. No, we don't have any candy Ben. No Ben, you can't have any candy. It's all gone. There's no candy in the kitchen. Fine. Go look."

Sometimes it is so easy to feel like you have lost your real voice, like you've lost your ability to impact the world and make yourself heard. Oh sure, I've heard all of the things people like Oprah say about parenting being the most important job on earth, but you try and tell that to a mom who just spent an hour pretending she is a puppy or convincing her toddler to stop pouring bath water all over the bathroom floor.

I think that's why there are so many mommy blogs out there. We still have things to say. They might not be very profound most of the time, but it's still nice to put them out there. And the best part of all... They'll still be there tomorrow. All lined up and pretty. What could be better?

Now. Time to publish this sucker, check my paragraphs, and then publish it all over again. Incidentally, I am aware of the fact that my blog will look different on different computers. I don't care. As long as it looks good on my computer, I'm happy. Mostly.


  1. I thought Ben was so much like Glen with all his lining up and being so organized, and here I find I've been wrong all along. He's just like you. Lucky guy.

  2. I love you blog. It looks great on my computer.

  3. Gotta love kids. I recall Kyle taking a green crayon and doing some "artwork" on my couch ( and of course it was a fairly new piece of furniture.) Thankfully I was able to get it out.....kinda

  4. I als republish my blog multiple times. It especially bothers me when the paragraphs after my pictures have that stupid extra space. I'm not as picky as you are, though. :P And I don't know personally, but I can imagine having a blog being helpful as a mother. I know I'd go completely bonkers.

  5. Hahaha - too funny! (Not the jiffy marker part though).


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