Leaf me alone.

I love fall. I would gladly get rid of all of the other seasons if it could be fall forever. As a result of this seasonal favoritism I want some cute pictures of my boys "enjoying" the fall. Is that too much to ask? Apparently. I think we had our crankiest ever photo shoots last week. See for yourselves:

Actually, I did manage to get some that were a little nicer, but I'll post them on the boys' blogs since these ones more accurately represent how the day felt for me. Sigh. I would have loved a picture of the two of them together, but I couldn't make them sit together long enough to get even a bad picture.


  1. THey look about as excited for the long winter ahead as I am. You would think that after all the years of living in SK I would know that after our short summers(although this one was awesome) comes a long cold winter. I keep hoping that maybe this time it will be nice till at least Christmas. But then comes that first snowflake and reality hits again. Brrrrrr!
    Maybe this year I will hibernate. Eat like crazy for a month or so then sleep till spring. Yup sounds like a plan.
    Love Auntie Sue

  2. Ho man... You weren't kidding about not sleeping before you go see Chloe were you?

  3. I'm glad you had such a great summer, though. When it get so cold that you can't move, just try to remember that after the long frigid winter comes summer, and it can be amazing.

  4. I love fall too. I went out and took some fall pictures about a week ago at the river. I should post them.

  5. Fall is definitely a beautiful time of year but I still love summer the best. I hate wearing socks and shoes and wish I could go bare feet for the rest of my life.

  6. I love fall, too, it's probably my favorite season. It's not really hot and not really cold, and the air is just nice and crisp... it's nice. Even though they were cranky, I still think that shot of Ben is cute.

  7. Fall is great. I love the leaves turning those awesome colors of red, orange and gold. Although with the weather out here, it's hard to believe it's fall.


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