The LONG Weekend

Why is it that going to Saskatoon is always so easy and coming home is almost impossible? I'm not talking about my desire to go home either. (Cause we all know how I feel about coming home to Yorkton.) I'm talking about actual physical things happening to make the trip home to Yorkton a nightmare time and time again.

One time... The three hour trip took us almost six hours. Six hours people. If you are mathematically challenged let me break it down for you... That's double the time people. DOUBLE. It always seems to storm on the way home and the boys are never happy. Never.

This weekend on the way to Saskatoon the boys slept most of the way and the rest of the time they happily looked at the scenery or sang or chatted about the things that a two year old and a five month old chat about. On the way back? They cried. A lot. They also spilled food, smeared food, and puked on themselves.

On the way to Saskatoon we seemed to barely use any gas, and there were no major catastrophes. On the way back? Tore through the gas, got a chip in our windshield, and hit a deer.

Is God trying to tell us something?


  1. a yep...Saskatoon is the promised land.

  2. If you move..
    can I move there too?

  3.'s just time for you to give in and move back to saskatoon...that way we could all play balderdash when ever we wanted. And if you happen to hit a deer in saskatoon you are a lot closer to home(two of my friends were hit by deer in s'toon in the same week...but that's pretty unusual)
    but the whole point of this is...Move to saskatoon!

  4. and there you have it... like amanda just said... both of the deer in saskatoon are dead now, so move here

  5. Can Glen even get a job in Saskatoon??? Isn't Amanda also a teacher and NOT teaching in Saskatoon??? Maybe God is trying to tell you all that Saskatoon is still not quite far enough west. Just kidding. I have no idea what is going on with your horrible trips back to Yorkton. I feel very bad for you. That is just sucky!!

  6. I'm sorry you had such a bad trip home. Maybe what you need to do is stay at your Mom and Dad's so long that by the time you go home it will be like the first leg of a holiday, not the last.:)

  7. Hi Becky,

    It's me, God. I've waited for you to see the signs but you just aren't getting it. So here, move home. Its that simple. I will cut it out with the "lessons" if you just move back.

    Uhhhhh dak dak a ak. Ak dak a dak.

    Peace out.

    PS - I command you to make burrito's the next time your sister comes to visit you.

  8. HEY!!! Some of us WANT them to stay here in I mean Yorkton.

    *a snarl to all you Saskatoon pushers*

    sniff...please don't leave me Becky...sniff...

  9. Yipes. 'm sorry you had such a bad trip home. Well, seeing as "God" just came on your blog and told you so, I guess you don't have much of a choice, eh? :P

  10. Glen would have a lot easier time getting a job in saskatoon then I can. I don't have any experience and they are going to hire people with experience first. There are also going to be a couple of new high schools opening in s'toon in the next year or too so there will be even more opportunities. And then of course there are all the small towns around s'toon that Glen could apply at.

  11. Yeah... You'd think they'd hire the people with experience first wouldn't you? You'd even think they'd hire the people who are best qualified. For example, if your school needs a teacher to help publish the school newspaper you'd hire someone good with computers, photography, desktop publishing as opposed to say... Someone who doesn't know anything about any of that, but can help coach volleyball.

    Actually, the first people who get hired are gonna be the ones with Aunties and Uncles on the school board. The rest of us poor saps don't have a chance against the buddies and nephews and next door neighbors of this world... But I digress...

  12. I think the writing is on the wall...( well, actually it's on your blog), but let's not split hairs. Saskatoon is the way to go. And like Trav said, both the deer are dead now, so there should be no more running into deer issues. I hate trips when your kids have issues with the long travel time. That is why, usually when Art and I had to travel long distances, we normally did it at night, so the kids would be tired and sleep. Course, driving all night without sleep as a parent kinda sucks too. I guess you just have to try to pick the lesser of two evils.


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