A Journey Into the Wild

When I first stumbled across a photo of a Toddler tiger in a wildlife magazine at the dentist, I was spellbound. This fierce, but small tiger was one of the most extraordinary creatures on the planet, but it hadn't been seen or photographed since 2005, and most scientists considered it extinct. Undaunted, I joined forces with my friend, the photographer Myself McMee, and headed for the island of Braun in search of this elusive beast. As we journeyed through the island's intoxicating landscapes, we encountered an array of odd and fascinating characters: tiny screaming baby-like creatures, and gentle grazing beasts feeding their young or in search of chips and Pepsi... But it was the Toddler tiger I was longing to see and capture on film.

We had been tracking the tiger by following the trail of toys and chaos it left in its wake and as evening approached we neared the island's main source of fresh water. Our excitement built up as we realized the tiger had moved into the open spaces of the watering hole and any moment now we would see the majestic beast. And the tiger we did see that day.

The nerve tingling silence and the sudden, surprising growl of a tiger disturbed by our guide, Caro Lyn venturing too near, was our signal to focus our camera lenses on the scene in front of us. He stood up and came towards us growling threateningly and then froze at a respectable distance... Stopped perhaps by an inherent instinct or the imposing bulk of our forms, we don't know. At first shy of the cameras, the Toddler eventually tolerated our presence and even allowed us to photograph a feed while keeping a wary eye on us and growling to warn us to stay away from his meal. After a time, disturbed and perhaps alarmed by our excited chatter and laughter, the fierce creature gave one last look at us and then turned towards the forests and vanished. The thrill and the excitement remain with us to this day, as do these photographs taken by Myself McMee during our adventure...

(* For more pictures of the adorable Toddler Tiger visit www.bentron.blogspot.com.)


  1. That's awesome - Nice photos of the Torch. Can't wait to see him again, everyone looks so different. Wyoming is for the birds...or it would be if there were any trees or water.

  2. Becky that was so funny!
    You really sould start writing childrens books.You are so good at it.
    Auntie Sue

  3. Holy smokes, that was hilarious. My mom was on Vogue, and now my little cousin on National Geographic... what's next?! :P

  4. Becky, I agree with Sue. you should write children's books. or adult books about children. that was awesome!

  5. Wow. That sounds like quite the adventure. Who knew there were cute adorable tigers in our midst. :)


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