Some days.

Some days you wonder why you bother picking up anything.
Some days you ask yourself why you bothered making lunch when you know your kids aren't going to eat more than one or two bites.
Some days you think you'll go nuts if you have to watch Hurry Up Franklin even one. more. time.
Some days you have a very clear understanding of how shaken baby syndrome happens.
Some days you wish you could get in your car alone and drive for a long time.

Not me... Of course not me... Other people probably do... But never me.


  1. That looks like absolute chaos. I wouldn't even know where to begin. Judging by the way I handle stress (which is incredibly well, because I'm TOTALLY easy going) I would just start cleaning all calm and when my sick kids whine I would be able to make it all better. Right? Hello? Ok fine, that sucks. I would sit on the floor and cry cause that's what I do. Fine.

  2. Oh man, I know how you feel today!! I'm going away for the weekend to drum at a retreat, and I almost couldn't make it through the morning. -- all the while asking myself, "do I really want to come back to these people?!"

  3. I wouldn't bother picking them up either. You know they'll just end up on the floor again anyway. One day, they'll move out and then you can put them away for good...until they bring their kids back to grandma's to play and then it starts all over again...Heaven might be your only reprieve.

  4. Something to look forward to I guess!

  5. Today is the first day in a long time that I have gotten my entire house clean and laundry done. It helped that my preteen neices were here today to entertain Tristan. I feel your pain though girl...most days my house looks exactly like that!

    Oh and my blog has returned...I hope you missed me?

  6. That brings back memories. To bad you don't live closer and the boys could come mess up my house and give you some time to yourself. This too shall pass Becky. I'd say enjoy while you have them at home but I know that when you are in the midst of it you just want to scream, cry and run away from home for a while.
    I can't wait for Chloe to come over and have toys everywhere.
    Love you
    auntie Sue

  7. I get that look in my house every time Ethan comes to visit. I have a bucket of large foam puzzle pieces and when Ethan comes over he grabs that bucket, dumps it on the floor, throws them around the livingroom and then goes downstairs with Jack.

  8. Actually, the toys don't really bug me that much. They are pretty easy to pick up, and I actually thought this mess was kind of funny. Especially since I had JUST put all of the toys away about 20 minutes earlier... I guess the fun part is taking them out and throwing them everywhere since Ben usually only seems interested in them if they are put away.

    The part that really bugs me is the screaming. Sam is a screamer. It gets to me. And when Sam's screaming has gotten to me everything else seems so much worse.

  9. That seems so unlike Ben, after seeing the picture of all his ducks in a row. I hate to bust your bubble, but even when they get older they still throw stuff on the floor. You know, dirty laundry etc.

    Course, when I was a kid and was told to clean my room, I threw stuff in the closet and closed the door, and stuff that would not fit in there, went under the bed. Good thing I outgrew it eventually ... I think it was some time last week!! :)


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