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I found this little bit of fluff on Becky's site... It got me to thinking... I wonder... Prepare yourselves, this is gonna be deep... I wonder how many of me there are in Canada. And also, I looked up Glen's name and there is only one of him in the states too. I wonder... Get ready for it... I wonder if they are married? Wouldn't that be freaky? I wonder if at least they know eachother cause they might you know. There aren't that many Willems out there. We're the only Willems in all of Yorkton. I'd think it was awesome except that since people here already walk around in a constant state of confusion, trying to spell out our last name is often a very frustrating endeavor. I looked up Dad's name too, and Ang's. There's a crap load of John Braun's in the States, and I bet there are way more in Canada. Way more. Someone with a whole bunch of time on their hands and excellent surfing skills should find a Canadian version of this thing.

In other news... I have decided to stop giving Ben drinking boxes. He always ends up taking the straw out and squirting the juice everywhere. It fills me with rage. Seriously.

Also, I now have whatever Ben and Sam had last week. I am hoping it will kick start my weight loss program nicely.


  1. As I thought. I knew I did not have an uncommon name. I share it with 94 other people. I will have to do a search for my maiden name and see what the results are. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope you are better soon.

  2. There are no people in the US with my name unless I spell Crause with a K. Then there are 137 of us. When Ken's dad was born, his family spelled thier last name with a K but when they registered him, they mispelled it with a C and it was never changed. So in reality, my name really should be with a K. I do know of one one person in Canada with the exact same name as me, spelling and everything and that is my sister in law. Kind of like the 3 Margaret Brauns we have in just our family.

  3. There are:
    76 Melissa Braun's
    52 Jonathan Braun's
    4 Noah Braun's
    4 Melissa Quintal's

  4. Oh man, I hope you guys are all feeling better soon! (And, there are obviously NO Dixie V's in the USA -- no surprise there.)

  5. My family is unique! There are no Trevor's or Chloe's or Cindi's with the same last name as us. There are 2 Cynthia's, so I guess I'm named the same, but not called the same.

  6. wow.... there's actually 3 of me.... there's 6 of Amanda.... but that's all.... this is totally neet

  7. There are none of me! And then it said there is no one in the States with my last name? Huh? I find that hard to believe!

    Anywho I am going to be going back to my blog in a few days. But I am changing the address so I will let you know what it is.


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