Yoiks that took long.

Well, it's finally up and running. Benjamin has a new home and I think I am officially tired of fussing with templates. On the upside I have noticed that I seem to be smarter than when I started all of this... As far as all the computering goes anyways... I wouldn't say I was smarter overall, especially since the part that took the longest amount of time was picking the colors. Uhhh... Green? Or how about green? Maybe I'll try... Green. (Ho man. Don't try counting all of the grammar errors in that paragraph. It boggles the mind.)

Anyways, to go with his new look he has a new address:
And I'm done.


  1. The blog is amazing. I love the green. That's the nicest shad eof green these eyes have ever seen. And I'm done too.

  2. totally arseome!!! like, way cool... i really dig that picture at the top... it's rad... one thing tho... i'm not sure if you forgot... or just haven't got to it yet... i noticed you hadn't put any links up... you have them on sam's, but not on ben's.... just thought i'd give you a heads up

  3. Looks awesome. I also love the picture at the top. I love seeing pictures of your kids every day, they're beautiful.

  4. Umm, I think if you are choosing a color for the blog, it should be some shade of green. :) Love the new blog, it looks amazing.

  5. Ben has a lot more links to do than Sam did. I got too tired last night to finish... They're on the way.

  6. But you're not completely done are you?!! Tee Hee!! Can't wait till we get to mine!! Yippee!!

  7. Becky, you really ought to find a way to make this a stay-at-home career... Especially since you can't stand to spend more than two days (sometimes two hours) away from fixing up someone's blog ... Even those of us who told you we're not starting a blog...

    PS: I love the "generic trav" call sign.


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