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I love Corner Gas, and in that light I give you this malarky post...

Hello people in the internet. This blog is probably going to be pretty groundbreaking. I’m going to talk about a few things that many of you may or may not be willing to hear. Maybe some things that you’re not ready to hear. For instance: I wonder why Wile E. Coyote doesn't ever contact Acme customer support. In reality a lot of the products he receives from them do not function the way they are supposed to. Perhaps you will say that Wile E. is not using the products the way they are intended to be used. That is a fair argument, especially when you take time to think about how he very often uses the products in dangerous places. A person can't blame the company if the customer does things like putting Acme birdseed on railway tracks without first checking for oncoming trains. If anything, then the Coyote should have tried putting the birdseed somewhere that trains don't drive.

This brings me to my next point. Sometimes you have to try things more than once before they work and sometimes you have to try them different ways. If you are trying to get into your house at night you have to try more than one key in the door. You can't just keep trying the same one over and over or you might have to sleep in your truck for the night. Trucks are not comfortable places to sleep, but lets face it. If I had the choice of sleeping in a truck or on train tracks I'd go with the truck. Sleeping in a truck sucks, but it's nothing compared with a train waking you up right in the middle of a dream about the Riders. Think about it: You're sleeping, you're right at the part of the dream where the Riders take to the field, then... Wo! The horn from the train startles you awake and the last thing you see is the bright light of a locomotive bearing down on you. If I were sleeping on a train track I'd probably get pretty freaked out by that. Freaked out and scared.

You can't give up on your dreams. You have to have perseverance and staying power. On Sunday I watched the Riders play Calgary all the way through most of the first half. Then I gave up because watching them lose was taking the buzz off of my Pepsi. If only I'd known that they were going to turn it around in the next few minutes I could have increased my buzz.

I’ve got much more to say on both the subjects of trains and buzzes but I think that if I were to write any more it would be too much for anybody to handle. After all, since everybody’s reading this blog I need to save some stuff for my next entry. I’d hate to run out of steam at the height of my popularity. Does it feel good to be a hit? In a word: it sure does.


  1. I just realized that if you don't watch Corner Gas this post probably won't make any sense to you... So let me just say that I have wanted to post about some of this stuff for a while and couldn't find a way to make it all go together and make sense. So I gave up and posted it anyways...

    Some from me. Some from Hank. So maybe it should say Benk talkin'. Or Hack talkin'. Or Bank. Or Heck. Or Hack. Yeah Hack.

  2. Great. Now I have to watch all the Corner Gas episodes to get this post. Because half way through I was starting to become a little worried about my big sister's mental stability.

  3. Thank you Hack, for this very confusing, albeit, entertaining post. I have been told that I should watch Corner Gas. Maybe I will start with Season One and in a few weeks when I catch up to where they are right now I will reread this post and it will all make sense. Or maybe I won't. Maybe I will just wait until you write something profound and wonderful again. Or I'll move on to Ben's.
    I am still trying to find time to watch season 4 of "24". I don't have time for another show.

  4. Ang, you published your comment about 10 seconds before me. I know it says 1 minute, but that's because we were at the very end of 8:34.

  5. Now THAT was profound. A whole ten seconds. I can't beleive it.

    I love this post and I love your comments.

  6. You don't have to watch all of Corner Gas, just last night's episode... Or click the links. That'll help.

  7. I watched the teasers for it, so I nearly understood, but holy cow, even the teasers made me laugh. I need to start watching that show, but I'm thinking more Grey's Anatomy...hmm.

  8. Is anybody reading this, question mark.

    Wow, Hack, I love your blob.

  9. Carrie, Hack has a blob? Isn't that getting a bit personal. And Oh great, forgot yesterday was Monday and missed Corner Gas. Guess I will have to wait til Saturday and watch it then.m TGFC. (Thank Goodness for Cable)

  10. No Mom, you'd have to see that episode of Corner Gas to understand what I was talking about. Do you want me to take notes, and post it on my blog? :P


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